Danger, Will Robinson

“Them thug niggas up there need to find that bitch! And thats all it is to it!!!

– Facebook User in response to the killing of unarmed Terrence Crutcher by Officer Betty Shelby in Tulsa, OK

Those are the words we should have all been dreading.  The wish by Blacks that the element that preys on them will turn their wrath onto the other element that preys on them. Doing what all marginalized people do. Turn to the strong within their tribe to protect them from the enemy outside. The enemy, which is slowly moving from the police to the government in general.

Just leave us alone and fight it out with each other

The police should be thrilled to hear this. They’ve used as justification for all of the unjustified killing of Black men that they were confused/worried/concerned about the threat that Black men pose. They are bigger than they are. They are older than they are. They are more impervious to pain than they are. They are so much more than they are.

And that’s why the need for assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, sound cannons, body armor, all of the baubles of war that today’s police force in America deploys to keep their charges subdued safe. That’s why the continual need to turn the other way, to wink at a bit of the old ultra-violence when dealing with the jigs.Gotta let them know who’s boss or nice White folks will be in danger. They are already coming after our women. Next, will be our money. Our jobs. Our neighborhoods.

Our power.

Secret interrogation facilities in Chicago? No problem. Rough riding in Baltimore? Sure. Stop-and-frisk? Absolutely. All part of keeping the animals in the jungle. And keeping the jungle from coming to the suburbs.

But even animals get tired. You kick a dog enough and, eventually, it will bite. Blacks are tired of getting kicked.

Seems like time for some biting has come.



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