Where there’s smoke…

The United States exists in a special place among all nations every created. We are the only nation specifically  created with the ideal that a person is more than what they look like OR who they worship OR what they believe OR who they love OR how much they have OR who they are related to. We insist that each person is the same at the moment of birth. That there is no built-in advantage or disadvantage within each person.

All of our words say that. Even if our actions don’t. But it is those words that have made America that Shining City On A Hill that Reagan dreamt dewy-eyed about. It is those words and the moral weight that goes with them which left us as the only remaining superpower. Coupled with our wealth, we wield that moral authority to tell others what is expected of them AND to keep our enemies in check.

Once lost, so are we.

If 117 countries see us as human rights violators, we are on our way to the dustbin of history that is reserved for all empires. If those countries include some that are our allies or that are not actively our opponents, we look even worse.

“Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching.”

We have joined some of the worst actors in the world as a country of concern to the United Nations Human Rights Council. China, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and, now, the United States. For something that is easily remedied by requiring the government at all levels to act as if Black Lives Matter. To stop treating Black Americans like an afterthought as a matter of official (albeit de facto) policy.

We must recognize that the closer the level of government is to the citizen, the worse it is at discriminating against the disenfranchised. Local rule was fine when this country was first created but it is useless in today’s world. In fact, it is counterproductive and just adds to our problem.

This is a job for the Federal government. Now.


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