Chris Christie’s Warning

To be clear: men, women and children had been stranded on the busiest bridge in the world for five days, at the start of the school year, the week of 9/11 commemorations and the celebration of Yom Kippur—inflicting unknown hardship on countless families and offices and businesses. And yet for Governor Christie, this anguish, we are to believe, wasn’t enough. He wanted the lanes closed again and had no use for anyone who thought otherwise. If anyone out there doesn’t remember why Christie failed so miserably in his quest for president, this episode is a useful refresher: Christie is a bully.

Watching Chris Christie is instructive for anyone that wonders what a Trump presidency would look like. It would be as if the bastard child of Spiro Agnew and Caligula were elected President.

An uncontrolled Id with a poorly dyed muskrat pelt stapled to his scalp and a sincere belief that everything is made better with gold leaf. A man so vain that he insists on maintaining the faux Palm Beach tan raccoon eyes even though he’s going on TV to talk to people who will never get to Palm Beach.

A petty man who holds petty grudges and acts out in petty ways that cause real injury to the very people he’s paid to serve. Imagine Christie on a national scale. Without his political skills. Without his intelligence. And suddenly all you have is a bully with virtually unlimited power.

Welcome to Trump’s America.

– Eliot



That is my role at these office gatherings and I’m not very good at it. I think I’m a good husband. Mostly. But I am a horrible spouse. I’m not personable. I’m socially awkward. My narcissism manifests itself in a general disinterest in people that don’t provide some benefit to me. A lifetime of imperfect and missing teeth means I seldom smile.

I am not the ideal party companion. And, yet, in spite of all that, my wife succeeds. Wildly. To the point where I am able to pursue my art and try to get my voice heard while there is still time.

She moves easily among these people

Smiling when needed. Head tilted just right as they discuss some point or office gossip or politics or food or whatever the person she is talking to is interested in. Because, now she’s interested, as well. Truly interested and focused on that person and that subject.


– Eliot

Today’s Physical

Went in for my annual physical exam (Thanks, Obama). My normal nurse is Nancy who spent most of her working life in the DC Metro area working for the FBI and then moved to the Syracuse area. We usually chat (or as close to chat as I get) about DC and the things we miss. Not today. Today’s it’s Brenda.

Brenda is pleasant and professional. Just like Nancy. She takes my height, weight, temperature and pulse. She updated my medical history. She listed all of the medications showing on her laptop screen.

“B-Complex, Vitamin D, Multivitamin, Lecithin, Niacin, Baby Aspirin.”

Baby aspirin? I thought about how long it has been since I’ve heard it called that. “Low-dose” is the proper term now since only a complete monster would consider giving aspirin to a baby after the Reye’s Syndrome scare. I added the Lisinopril-HCTZ that I occasionally take if my blood pressure gets a bit hinky. She started to make a note but then said “It’s here” as she noticed it on the screen.

Occasional Alcohol use? Social drinker? Yes, I said, social drinker. But then she paused. Her eyes got a bit wide and she read from the screen, “Two to four drinks PER DAY?” When you say it like that it sounds like I’m a degenerate drunk. A character from a 50s film noire that gives the protagonist information in exchange for a shot of whiskey from an unlabeled bottle under the bar.”Two to four?”, I said, “Noooooo. More like one?” She nodded approval. Smoking? No way! I’d conquered that monkey years ago and have the extra 35 pounds to show for it.

I waited for the next question.

I know it’s there on the screen. I gave them the information the first time I came. It’s right there after the question on whether or not I was crazy enough to still be smoking after all these years. I have no problem answering it.

But it never came.

Drug use. Illicit drug use is the next issue on the medical history. I smoke cannabis. It treats my arthritis and, oddly enough, my blood pressure. I was on Vioxx for my arthritis but I know from experience that I am an addictive personality. Opioids are not my friend. I was also on Lisinopril-HCTZ for my blood pressure which I monitor daily since the unfortunate “HE FELL OUT! HE FELL OUT!” Incident at church. My target is 120/80 with concern at 130/90 and panic at 140/100.


I remember that number. The combination of the Lisinopril-HCTZ and the cannabis was keeping my blood pressure at that number. But Lisinopril-HCTZ has an unfortunate and unpleasant side effect on me. If I don’t have to take it, I’d rather not. So, I stopped taking it. and my blood pressure still stays in the 120/80 range with cannabis alone.


I dutifully reported this to my doctor who informed me that cannabis was illegal. I said that was unfortunate. She made her note and we moved on. Since then, Nancy confirms it. Every time I come in. Brenda decided not to ask. Not to confirm what was in my history. Just skip over it. I’m not sure what that meant but I find it interesting. But, I digress…

We moved on to taking my blood pressure. For some reason, she looked at the BP cuff hanging on the wall and said “That’s the wrong cuff. It’s too big. You need the smaller cuff.” Which seemed odd to me. I’m not the largest person in the world but at 6’4″, 240 pounds, I don’t really take a “Small” in anything. But, I’m an American health consumer, so I let the expert do what she was expert at. She removed the “Large” cuff and deftly replaced it with a “Small” cuff. She wrapped it around my right bicep and started inflating. “It seems that your pressure is a little high today. 140 over 100” she exclaimed. “The doctor will be right in.” And left.

Panic at 140/100!

It was 117/83 just yesterday! What has happened?! I feel fine. Am I dying? Is this it? Was I wrong about the cannabis? And, in walked my Doctor. We go over my weight gain of 7 pounds. My Doctor lets me know that we both agree that 7 pounds must go. Now. Further, we agree that it’s back to 30 minutes on the elliptical per day. She sees my blood pressure reading and joins me in the Panic at 140/100!

“I better take it myself. You’ve been taking it everyday right? No spots in front of your eyes? No blurry vision? Fatigue?” Before I can even answer her, she looks at the sphygmomanometer hanging on the wall and calmly says “That’s the wrong cuff. It’s too small. You need the larger cuff.”

Swapped cuffs and 122/83.

There is no science here. None. This is anecdote at its worst. But it is my experience and what has happened for me. It might be worthy information to someone else out there trying to stay away from opioids or off blood pressure medication. It might not be.

Make your own decision.

– Eliot

Trump’s ‘Christian soldier’: ‘Your skin color will be your uniform’

Source: Trump’s rhetoric excites ‘Christian soldier’ for civil war: ‘Your skin color will be your uniform’


Somehow in all of the confusion of the election, we’ve turned it from a political contest into a religious war. There was a time when the election was a contest of ideas between political parties. Those ideas were based on theories and beliefs that, while different, were always understood to be the proponents best attempt to move the country forward. As such, they deserved the respect of a hearing.

Unfortunately, people started believing those ideas were more than they were. That they weren’t the result of human thought and discussion. That they didn’t come from people trying to figure out better ways to live together. People started believing that those ideas were handed down by God. And, since that was the case, those ideas were perfect. The people that created them were perfect. The ideas were never to be questioned. Or improved. Or removed. They were law. God’s law.

There are several problems with this belief. The first of which is that it is simply wrong. It has no basis in reality. It is a loathsome fantasy designed to gain power by those who created it AND to maintain power by those who promote it.

The second is that a law requires enforcement. Now for the danger. There is no enforcement mechanism so you run the danger of having the adherents to this false religion taking it upon themselves to enforce their God’s law. And it must be enforced because IT IS GOD’S LAW. Perfect and infallible. Just. And they do.

The same slackjawed idiots that fall for the scam Trump and his ilk are pulling on them. They use a perversion of the 2nd Amendment and add it to the central tenets of their mad religion. Some going so far as to claim Jesus the Christ as the patron saint of the AR despite the evidence of all the red words in the Bible. They gather the Holy AR and go forth to enforce God’s Law:

If you’re White, you’re all right.

They know they are in the right because Trump tells them that the election is rigged. He has no proof. But they believe him because if it isn’t rigged that means that most Americans disagree with them. Disagree with the hate. Disagree with the racism. Disagree with the sexism. Disagree with the homophobia. Disagree with the religious bigotry.

Disagree with their God.

And their God – like the God of the Old Testament – is a vain and jealous God. He suffers no amount of being ignored. His followers, the good, righteous, WHITE soldiers of the Lord are ready to fight for him. To put the unbelievers and the race traitors and the mud people all in their place. Not because of racism. Or sexism. Or homophobia. Nope. Because it’s what their God wants. He is God, after all.

The mistake we make is pretending this isn’t the case. We believe that because they’ve appropriated some of the trappings of true Christianity, that they are Christians but just confused. That they worship the same God that we do. But they aren’t. They don’t. They aren’t Christians. They don’t worship our God. They are Christianists and they are evil. They worship the religion Christianity as defined by them. In their bastardized religion, Christ is accepted as a symbol of Christianity but His words hold no more sway than anyone else’s. Less if you count the teachings of the Christianist tradition handed down from preacher to preacher, from priest to priest, from minister to minister. His words are only valid if they support the prejudices of the Christianists. When they don’t, He is ignored. Or marginialized.

Christianists are inherently violent and dangerous. We would do well not to ignore the danger they pose AFTER the election. Their brethren in the Middle East, Daesh, have shown us just how much damage can be wrought by religious zealots that worship men. Are we ready to fight off a Christianist Jihad?

– Eliot


Clinton’s Job One

Hillary Clinton’s first job will be to soothe nervous allies (and enemies) who are all atwitter at the prospect that Donald Trump was considered a possibility as President of the United States. A prospect which lowered US esteem around the globe. And rightfully so.

Her winning won’t put those fears on the back burner. Trump has made sure of that by his continual harping on a rigged system with a rigged election reported by a rigged media. He says it not to only ease his considerable ego BUT also to generate the hate his candidacy needs like oxygen. That hate which may spill over into action post election. The sort of action that roils markets and topples governments.

And so allies (and enemies) live in fear that the insanity of Trump has spread throughout the United States.

Clinton has to get that fear under control. It won’t be easy.

She’ll need to project a sense of calm and business as usual while a screeching orangutan leaps up and down outside of her window howling

“Illegitimate! Rigged System! Arglleerm!”

Trump will need to continue making noise until he gets Trump TV off the ground and the best way to do that is to continue his fight with President Rodham Clinton. The second best way is to claim the mantle of leader of the GOP and fight to cement Trumpism as the replacement for GOP orthodoxy. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t have the attention span needed to make that happen.

Meanwhile, a very popular Barack Obama will be sailing off into retirement. Looking for a way to still be relevant. If only there was some way he could be involved in making sure that the world he has helped form will be stable after he’s gone. Perhaps as a Special Envoy from President Rodham Clinton?

If only.

– Eliot

Trump’s Lasting Gift to America

“In the end, it’s likely to be pretty much the same in other presidential elections, given the change in the demographics” from 2012, said Mark Mellman, a veteran Democratic pollster who worked for then-Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race.

Steven Shepard, Politico, How low can Trump go in the polls?


There he is. The real boogeyman. People all over the country should be waking soaked and stinking in fear sweat. Unable to move. Catatonic.


Because of Trump? Nope. Not at all. Trump is just another in a long list of little men that conned other little men into following him by giving them someone to blame all of their troubles on. Little men need that for they are incapable of being more than they truly are. They can only try to cover it with spite and hate and mean and angry and cruel.

It’s the little men that we need to fear. It’s always the little men. Trump thought he could ride this tiger but it has tossed him off his back. He just doesn’t know it yet. It is we, the American people, that will suffer from Trump’s dalliance with madness. The divide that it was necessary to showcase in order to give his followers that sense of “we” that allows them to focus their spite/hate/mean/angry/cruel on the “other.” That divide that was always there but we Americans insisted on camouflaging. Trump tore away that camouflage and the gaping, stinking chasm is there for all to see.

And all to be shamed by.

Some want to start the hard work of filling in that chasm. They see the first step as figuring out how deep it is, how wide, and how long. Others can’t stand to view the chasm. The stink is too much. They simply turn away from it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Waiting to go noseblind to the odor of spite/hate/mean/angry/cruel wafting from the chasm. Never turning to look at it again. The final group stare at the chasm. Fixated. Hypnotized. Enthralled. They breathe in the foul air and declare it the finest perfume. They love the filth. The chaos. They embrace it.

But every group makes its other decisions based on where they stand on this one issue. The issue of the chasm. The divide. It is the basis for everything.

Where once stood a country as the joining force, we now have the divide. A divide that is one thing but that we all insist on calling another.

That is Trump’s lasting gift to us. God help us survive it.

– Eliot



White Supremacists New BFF




That symbol isn’t a swastika. I seem to recall seeing it before but can’t pin down where or in what context. I do spend some time on White Supremacist sites and suspect that it was on one of them that I came across this.

I think it is an anti-Semitic symbol used to indicate that Zionists are today’s Nazis. This would fit with the Trump supporters delusion that Jews in the media are after White folks

NEWSFLASH: most Black folks are pretty sure that Jews are just White folks. Of course, we’re wrong too.

It does let the anti-Semitic cat out of the bag.

You see, folks, we Blacks dropped off the White Supremacist radar as Enemy Number One (ENO) a few years back. For a while, our Brown Hispanic brethren took over the mantle as White Supremacists searched for a reason so many Good White Folks (GWFs) were on welfare. They knew the Blacks were on welfare because they are lazy. But that couldn’t be the case with Hispanics or, as they are known to White Supremacists, “Messkins”. You saw the Messkins standing around outside of the Home Depot or Lowes or even 7-Eleven bothering folks for work. They’d do anything. No matter how backbreaking or menial. And they did it cheap. So, lazy was out. But what about this “cheap” thing.

Cheap meant they were getting work. People were picking them up while GWFs were having to get food stamps and welfare. Those Messkins were working but the GWFs weren’t. The only logical conclusion was that the Messkins were taking the GWFs jobs!

And so, the White Supremacists moved on to the Messkins as the primary target of their ire. But even they understood that they didn’t want the jobs the Messkins would do. A message reinforced when word came down from the  corporate bosses that run the Republican Party. Cheap labor is not to be trifled with. Away went the Messkins.

That left a vacuum. A vacuum in the hate org chart that the White Supremacists rely on to keep the mental defectives that subscribe to their nonsense involved. Every movement must have a goal. If that goal involves a target of hate, more the better.

For thousands of years, mankind has filled that vacuum each time it has occured with one group of people. Over and over again. They are even known as the Chosen People partly because of this phenemona.

The Jews.

Oh, we Blacks are still AN enemy and a good standby hate target when things get slow, but White Supremacists – or as they are more correctly known now, “Trump Supporters” – now target the Jews as their primary delusionary scapegoats.

I think a large reason for that is the increasing number of young Jews who identify with Jews culturally but not religiously. They are Jews but they don’t do “Jewish”. That makes them indistinguishable from GWFs so they pass in polite society. Previous attempts to avoid hate has led to name changes that make identifying the Children of Abraham harder. Hate doesn’t work as well if you have to require the suspected target of your hate to fill out a survey in order to be sure you hate them.

Trump, being perpetually stuck in the 90s, targeted the Messkins as the boogeyman of choice in the Republican Party. And it worked because Messkins are AN enemy of the Republican base just like Blacks. But they aren’t the ENO. Not by a long shot. Trump’s normalization of bigotry has opened the door to those who want to wage the fight against the ENO. A full fledged Anti-Semitic shitstorm that Trump didn’t see coming.

But it’s here.

Recent comments by Trump using Anti-Semitic dogwhistles (International Bankers, International Media, Hollywood, etc.) show that while he didn’t see it coming, he realizes it’s here. And he’s going to try to ride this turd right into the Oval Office.

It does seem fitting, eh?

– Eliot

What does Trump tell us about the GOP? 

Trump tells us everything we need to know about today’s GOP. He is a foul, brash man willing to do anything to protect that status. A man with ethics and morality as far from the average American as possible. A man that is such a clown and a buffoon that he is the star of a nightly network television. A fictional character living in a scripted reality show. A man created each week by 8 Liberal Arts majors that haven’t given up on life completely. Yet. 

Trump is today’s equivalent of Milton Berle. He’s loud. LOUD.  In everything he does. He’s loudly ignorant. He’s loudly profane. He’s loudly vulgar in tone and taste. He’s loudly stupid and narcissistic and misogynistic. He’s loudly LOUD. 

And he is the Republican nominee. Chosen by more Republicans than any other nominee. Ever. 

​Those same attributes  can be applied to every Trump supporter. I hope people never forget that. Even after Clinton is elected. The hate we see on display openly will still be there below the surface. Every day. Waiting to be expressed in a million little passive-aggressive ways. Getting back at you Liberals that forced the most hated woman in America into the Presidency. And then Liberals,  and assumed Liberals, will get just a small taste of what it’s like to live with low-grade discrimination as the chronic condition of your life. 

Welcome to the game. 

Well Done, Mr. Blow

I generally think Charles Blow is too much of an Establishment Democrat lapdog to take seriously but I think he’s got the right tone here.
Credit where credit’s due.
In his article, Donald Trump: Terroristic Man-Toddler, Mr. Blow wraps up what we all – supporters and sane people – know about Mr. Trump. He may not represent an existential threat to the United States BUT he does represent permanent damage to the reputation of the United States throughout the World.
Unfortunately, that damage has already been done. The very fact that Donald Trump has been accepted as a viable candidate for the Presidency of the United States puts us in the same category as a Three Stooges short. Buffoons stumbling around, bumping into each other, destroying the scenery while using violence at every possible moment to get what they want. Trump says that is OK.
Trump is the caricature of the Ugly American put on display for all the world to see that some portion of Americans believe that is a goal rather than a disgrace. A goal so lofty that we should elect a man that epitomizes it as the face of the country. We should give this Ugly American virtually unfettered power to use the most devastating weapon man has ever devised – The United States Military – as he sees fit. He is Archie Bunker but with no Edith and rich enough to be beholding to no one other than his own id.
Homer Simpson as President?