What does Trump tell us about the GOP? 

Trump tells us everything we need to know about today’s GOP. He is a foul, brash man willing to do anything to protect that status. A man with ethics and morality as far from the average American as possible. A man that is such a clown and a buffoon that he is the star of a nightly network television. A fictional character living in a scripted reality show. A man created each week by 8 Liberal Arts majors that haven’t given up on life completely. Yet. 

Trump is today’s equivalent of Milton Berle. He’s loud. LOUD.  In everything he does. He’s loudly ignorant. He’s loudly profane. He’s loudly vulgar in tone and taste. He’s loudly stupid and narcissistic and misogynistic. He’s loudly LOUD. 

And he is the Republican nominee. Chosen by more Republicans than any other nominee. Ever. 

​Those same attributes  can be applied to every Trump supporter. I hope people never forget that. Even after Clinton is elected. The hate we see on display openly will still be there below the surface. Every day. Waiting to be expressed in a million little passive-aggressive ways. Getting back at you Liberals that forced the most hated woman in America into the Presidency. And then Liberals,  and assumed Liberals, will get just a small taste of what it’s like to live with low-grade discrimination as the chronic condition of your life. 

Welcome to the game. 

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