White Supremacists New BFF




That symbol isn’t a swastika. I seem to recall seeing it before but can’t pin down where or in what context. I do spend some time on White Supremacist sites and suspect that it was on one of them that I came across this.

I think it is an anti-Semitic symbol used to indicate that Zionists are today’s Nazis. This would fit with the Trump supporters delusion that Jews in the media are after White folks

NEWSFLASH: most Black folks are pretty sure that Jews are just White folks. Of course, we’re wrong too.

It does let the anti-Semitic cat out of the bag.

You see, folks, we Blacks dropped off the White Supremacist radar as Enemy Number One (ENO) a few years back. For a while, our Brown Hispanic brethren took over the mantle as White Supremacists searched for a reason so many Good White Folks (GWFs) were on welfare. They knew the Blacks were on welfare because they are lazy. But that couldn’t be the case with Hispanics or, as they are known to White Supremacists, “Messkins”. You saw the Messkins standing around outside of the Home Depot or Lowes or even 7-Eleven bothering folks for work. They’d do anything. No matter how backbreaking or menial. And they did it cheap. So, lazy was out. But what about this “cheap” thing.

Cheap meant they were getting work. People were picking them up while GWFs were having to get food stamps and welfare. Those Messkins were working but the GWFs weren’t. The only logical conclusion was that the Messkins were taking the GWFs jobs!

And so, the White Supremacists moved on to the Messkins as the primary target of their ire. But even they understood that they didn’t want the jobs the Messkins would do. A message reinforced when word came down from the  corporate bosses that run the Republican Party. Cheap labor is not to be trifled with. Away went the Messkins.

That left a vacuum. A vacuum in the hate org chart that the White Supremacists rely on to keep the mental defectives that subscribe to their nonsense involved. Every movement must have a goal. If that goal involves a target of hate, more the better.

For thousands of years, mankind has filled that vacuum each time it has occured with one group of people. Over and over again. They are even known as the Chosen People partly because of this phenemona.

The Jews.

Oh, we Blacks are still AN enemy and a good standby hate target when things get slow, but White Supremacists – or as they are more correctly known now, “Trump Supporters” – now target the Jews as their primary delusionary scapegoats.

I think a large reason for that is the increasing number of young Jews who identify with Jews culturally but not religiously. They are Jews but they don’t do “Jewish”. That makes them indistinguishable from GWFs so they pass in polite society. Previous attempts to avoid hate has led to name changes that make identifying the Children of Abraham harder. Hate doesn’t work as well if you have to require the suspected target of your hate to fill out a survey in order to be sure you hate them.

Trump, being perpetually stuck in the 90s, targeted the Messkins as the boogeyman of choice in the Republican Party. And it worked because Messkins are AN enemy of the Republican base just like Blacks. But they aren’t the ENO. Not by a long shot. Trump’s normalization of bigotry has opened the door to those who want to wage the fight against the ENO. A full fledged Anti-Semitic shitstorm that Trump didn’t see coming.

But it’s here.

Recent comments by Trump using Anti-Semitic dogwhistles (International Bankers, International Media, Hollywood, etc.) show that while he didn’t see it coming, he realizes it’s here. And he’s going to try to ride this turd right into the Oval Office.

It does seem fitting, eh?

– Eliot

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