Trump’s Lasting Gift to America

“In the end, it’s likely to be pretty much the same in other presidential elections, given the change in the demographics” from 2012, said Mark Mellman, a veteran Democratic pollster who worked for then-Sen. John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race.

Steven Shepard, Politico, How low can Trump go in the polls?


There he is. The real boogeyman. People all over the country should be waking soaked and stinking in fear sweat. Unable to move. Catatonic.


Because of Trump? Nope. Not at all. Trump is just another in a long list of little men that conned other little men into following him by giving them someone to blame all of their troubles on. Little men need that for they are incapable of being more than they truly are. They can only try to cover it with spite and hate and mean and angry and cruel.

It’s the little men that we need to fear. It’s always the little men. Trump thought he could ride this tiger but it has tossed him off his back. He just doesn’t know it yet. It is we, the American people, that will suffer from Trump’s dalliance with madness. The divide that it was necessary to showcase in order to give his followers that sense of “we” that allows them to focus their spite/hate/mean/angry/cruel on the “other.” That divide that was always there but we Americans insisted on camouflaging. Trump tore away that camouflage and the gaping, stinking chasm is there for all to see.

And all to be shamed by.

Some want to start the hard work of filling in that chasm. They see the first step as figuring out how deep it is, how wide, and how long. Others can’t stand to view the chasm. The stink is too much. They simply turn away from it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Waiting to go noseblind to the odor of spite/hate/mean/angry/cruel wafting from the chasm. Never turning to look at it again. The final group stare at the chasm. Fixated. Hypnotized. Enthralled. They breathe in the foul air and declare it the finest perfume. They love the filth. The chaos. They embrace it.

But every group makes its other decisions based on where they stand on this one issue. The issue of the chasm. The divide. It is the basis for everything.

Where once stood a country as the joining force, we now have the divide. A divide that is one thing but that we all insist on calling another.

That is Trump’s lasting gift to us. God help us survive it.

– Eliot



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