Clinton’s Job One

Hillary Clinton’s first job will be to soothe nervous allies (and enemies) who are all atwitter at the prospect that Donald Trump was considered a possibility as President of the United States. A prospect which lowered US esteem around the globe. And rightfully so.

Her winning won’t put those fears on the back burner. Trump has made sure of that by his continual harping on a rigged system with a rigged election reported by a rigged media. He says it not to only ease his considerable ego BUT also to generate the hate his candidacy needs like oxygen. That hate which may spill over into action post election. The sort of action that roils markets and topples governments.

And so allies (and enemies) live in fear that the insanity of Trump has spread throughout the United States.

Clinton has to get that fear under control. It won’t be easy.

She’ll need to project a sense of calm and business as usual while a screeching orangutan leaps up and down outside of her window howling

“Illegitimate! Rigged System! Arglleerm!”

Trump will need to continue making noise until he gets Trump TV off the ground and the best way to do that is to continue his fight with President Rodham Clinton. The second best way is to claim the mantle of leader of the GOP and fight to cement Trumpism as the replacement for GOP orthodoxy. Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t have the attention span needed to make that happen.

Meanwhile, a very popular Barack Obama will be sailing off into retirement. Looking for a way to still be relevant. If only there was some way he could be involved in making sure that the world he has helped form will be stable after he’s gone. Perhaps as a Special Envoy from President Rodham Clinton?

If only.

– Eliot

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