Trump’s ‘Christian soldier’: ‘Your skin color will be your uniform’

Source: Trump’s rhetoric excites ‘Christian soldier’ for civil war: ‘Your skin color will be your uniform’


Somehow in all of the confusion of the election, we’ve turned it from a political contest into a religious war. There was a time when the election was a contest of ideas between political parties. Those ideas were based on theories and beliefs that, while different, were always understood to be the proponents best attempt to move the country forward. As such, they deserved the respect of a hearing.

Unfortunately, people started believing those ideas were more than they were. That they weren’t the result of human thought and discussion. That they didn’t come from people trying to figure out better ways to live together. People started believing that those ideas were handed down by God. And, since that was the case, those ideas were perfect. The people that created them were perfect. The ideas were never to be questioned. Or improved. Or removed. They were law. God’s law.

There are several problems with this belief. The first of which is that it is simply wrong. It has no basis in reality. It is a loathsome fantasy designed to gain power by those who created it AND to maintain power by those who promote it.

The second is that a law requires enforcement. Now for the danger. There is no enforcement mechanism so you run the danger of having the adherents to this false religion taking it upon themselves to enforce their God’s law. And it must be enforced because IT IS GOD’S LAW. Perfect and infallible. Just. And they do.

The same slackjawed idiots that fall for the scam Trump and his ilk are pulling on them. They use a perversion of the 2nd Amendment and add it to the central tenets of their mad religion. Some going so far as to claim Jesus the Christ as the patron saint of the AR despite the evidence of all the red words in the Bible. They gather the Holy AR and go forth to enforce God’s Law:

If you’re White, you’re all right.

They know they are in the right because Trump tells them that the election is rigged. He has no proof. But they believe him because if it isn’t rigged that means that most Americans disagree with them. Disagree with the hate. Disagree with the racism. Disagree with the sexism. Disagree with the homophobia. Disagree with the religious bigotry.

Disagree with their God.

And their God – like the God of the Old Testament – is a vain and jealous God. He suffers no amount of being ignored. His followers, the good, righteous, WHITE soldiers of the Lord are ready to fight for him. To put the unbelievers and the race traitors and the mud people all in their place. Not because of racism. Or sexism. Or homophobia. Nope. Because it’s what their God wants. He is God, after all.

The mistake we make is pretending this isn’t the case. We believe that because they’ve appropriated some of the trappings of true Christianity, that they are Christians but just confused. That they worship the same God that we do. But they aren’t. They don’t. They aren’t Christians. They don’t worship our God. They are Christianists and they are evil. They worship the religion Christianity as defined by them. In their bastardized religion, Christ is accepted as a symbol of Christianity but His words hold no more sway than anyone else’s. Less if you count the teachings of the Christianist tradition handed down from preacher to preacher, from priest to priest, from minister to minister. His words are only valid if they support the prejudices of the Christianists. When they don’t, He is ignored. Or marginialized.

Christianists are inherently violent and dangerous. We would do well not to ignore the danger they pose AFTER the election. Their brethren in the Middle East, Daesh, have shown us just how much damage can be wrought by religious zealots that worship men. Are we ready to fight off a Christianist Jihad?

– Eliot


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