That is my role at these office gatherings and I’m not very good at it. I think I’m a good husband. Mostly. But I am a horrible spouse. I’m not personable. I’m socially awkward. My narcissism manifests itself in a general disinterest in people that don’t provide some benefit to me. A lifetime of imperfect and missing teeth means I seldom smile.

I am not the ideal party companion. And, yet, in spite of all that, my wife succeeds. Wildly. To the point where I am able to pursue my art and try to get my voice heard while there is still time.

She moves easily among these people

Smiling when needed. Head tilted just right as they discuss some point or office gossip or politics or food or whatever the person she is talking to is interested in. Because, now she’s interested, as well. Truly interested and focused on that person and that subject.


– Eliot

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