Chris Christie’s Warning

To be clear: men, women and children had been stranded on the busiest bridge in the world for five days, at the start of the school year, the week of 9/11 commemorations and the celebration of Yom Kippur—inflicting unknown hardship on countless families and offices and businesses. And yet for Governor Christie, this anguish, we are to believe, wasn’t enough. He wanted the lanes closed again and had no use for anyone who thought otherwise. If anyone out there doesn’t remember why Christie failed so miserably in his quest for president, this episode is a useful refresher: Christie is a bully.

Watching Chris Christie is instructive for anyone that wonders what a Trump presidency would look like. It would be as if the bastard child of Spiro Agnew and Caligula were elected President.

An uncontrolled Id with a poorly dyed muskrat pelt stapled to his scalp and a sincere belief that everything is made better with gold leaf. A man so vain that he insists on maintaining the faux Palm Beach tan raccoon eyes even though he’s going on TV to talk to people who will never get to Palm Beach.

A petty man who holds petty grudges and acts out in petty ways that cause real injury to the very people he’s paid to serve. Imagine Christie on a national scale. Without his political skills. Without his intelligence. And suddenly all you have is a bully with virtually unlimited power.

Welcome to Trump’s America.

– Eliot

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