Happy Birthday, LOGAN!

Did that just happen?
Twenty five years ago, I stood there and watched my beautiful son, Logan, come into the world. Lisa had been in labor for 36 hours but no baby. Everything was where it should have been. Dilation. Baby position. Everything. There was just one problem. The baby was too big. It wasn’t going to happen no matter what. And his vital signs were crashing.
Later, in the dark of the night when the insomnia was perched on my forehead hammering away, I realized that this is how easy it is to die in childbirth. Without medical attention…
The doctor (a tall French man who was filling in for our actual doctor who was in the Caribbean at the time) had poked and pried and pushed and pulled. The baby was just too big. Things were beeping. Someone threw me some scrubs, beanie, gloves, mask, booties. I pulled them on as they rolled Lisa out of the birthing suite with its soothing wallpaper and illusion of normalcy. The doors opened and, suddenly, we were in a hospital. Antiseptic and businesslike. The nurses who were acting as if they were just attendants a moment ago were suddenly all efficiency and speed. No wasted movement or conversation. As if the antiseptic and businesslike nature of the new surroundings had creeped into them.
The machine was still screeching that the baby was in distress. Or something. No one took the time to tell me what was happening. It just was.
Into the OR and what appeared to be a tent was erected over Lisa. Ropes, guidewires and grappling hooks were tossed about.
A door in the wall opened up. A small woman emerged. Her surgical mask covered her face. Someone pulled a stool up to the table and she stepped onto it. In the mirror, I could see her cut into Lisa’s abdomen.  The grappling hooks were brought out and fastened onto the edges of the incision.  Ropes were tossed over the barrier and staff pulled as if they were raising the Big Top. 
More deft cutting. And out comes the baby. And he’s big. Huge.
Why quiet? I need to hear something. Now. A bit of rough handling. Sucking. Rubbing. More rough handling and….
Blessed noise. The noise of a life entering the world. The small woman stepped down from the stool and exited through the door she came in. Without one word. No introduction. No congratulations. The most business like interaction I’ve ever had with someone without every talking to them.
That life has done much in 25 years. That life has much more to do over the next 75 years. That life has brought nothing but pride to his mother and I since that day. In his worst moments, he showed he had been listening all of these years. At a young age, he faced one of the worst things that could happen to a kid. His older brother, Brandon, finally succumbed to Cystic Fibrosis. His reaction was to put his feelings aside and care for his brother and sister. He was 7.
My boy has been a man for many years.
I love you, Babe!
Happy Birthday!

Liberally Racist

Evan Gahr wrote a recent article titled “Appeals Court Judges Send WaPo Racial Purge Lawsuit To Trial” in  the Daily Caller Washington Gadfly column addressing some “racial” turmoil at the Washington Post. Since the Daily Caller is run by Tucker Carlson, expectations for quality journalism are fairly low and Mr. Gahr does not disappoint. The Daily Caller is written in the style of a school newspaper for an all-male military boarding school. If that paper were full of the items that the Advisor had forbidden to be published. Lots of false machismo. Guns! Cigars! Booze! Breasts! And more Kate Upton than anyone cares to experience.

It is journalism as shown in a Christian Slater movie.

Also, an essential part of the mix is the tweaking of the journalistic establishment. Carlson attempts to make Daily Caller relevant by pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberal media. Gahr’s article gives him just that chance. It allows the veneer of respectability by championing the Black (BONUS!) alleged victim while giving them a shot at the Washington Post for being racist in its actions and hypocritical in its lack of coverage. Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and a few others are dragged into this fetid mess by the end.

And it works.

It works THIS TIME because there is truth here. This is the reality of too many “liberal” people and institutions. Their liberalism is heartfelt. Their liberalism is passionate.

Their liberalism is…situational.

I’ve found that the best way to get along with most liberals, institutions and people, is to treat them the same as bigots. If you treat them with the deference and obsequiousness a bigot expects from a Black person, they will be fine. However, without that deference and obsequiousness, they will treat you like David Duke would treat Bigger Thomas after his last date with Duke’s sister. At a minimum the word “uppity” will be thought as the word “arrogant” is said. Lots of talk about “attitude”.

Eventually, you will find out that their wife or husband or best friends (most of whom would be astonished to know they are that person’s friend) or adopted child(ren) or Great Grandfather’s favorite pet was Black. In their mind this establishes their racial bonafides and immunizes them, for all time, from being racist or performing an act of racism. Pointing out that they are being or doing something racist is met by a recitation of their bonafides (see above) and a refusal to see reality just as strong as any of the poor deluded souls (emphasis on the “poor”) that just put Trump into office.

White folks on the Left (WFOTL) do racist things. White folks on the Right (WFOTR) are racists. Minorities understand that there is a difference. It’s time that Whites do as well. For the most part, minorities give WFOTL a pass on this. Its not that we don’t know it. So, the DailyCaller shouldn’t really spend so much time trying to point out what we all now. And we know that when it is pointed out, the preferred method of dealing with it by the Left (Minorities and WFOTL) is to turn politely away and pretend that someone on the other side of the room just called them.

But we do that with the expectation that there will be something done about it. Some attempt to redress. Some attempt to make right. Some attempt to bend the arc.

When that doesn’t happen then it isn’t just WFOTL doing their thing. It isn’t just the good natured stumbling of WFOTL as they try to figure out things.

Then it’s just racism.

– Eliot

Trump Lies.



This is not true.

Trump lies reflexively and without cause. That works in business where you always assume the guy across from you is lying unless it is going to put money in his pocket. It doesn’t work in politics where a broken word or an outright lie can lead to war and the death of, literally, millions of people. We must never forget that Trump’s default status is broken words and outright lies. It is important that he be called out every time he lies.

And not just by Factcheckers. By everyone. Everyone that recognizes the lie. Every time. Without fail.

It’s up to us.

  • Eliot

Marijuana Appears to Benefit Mental Health: Study | TIME

In their report, published in the journal Clinical Psychology Review, researchers found evidence that cannabis can likely benefit people dealing with depression, social anxiety and PTSD, though it may not be ideal for people with bipolar disorder, for instance, for which there appears to be more negative side effects than positive ones. “This is a substance that has potential use for mental health,” says Zach Walsh, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. “We should be looking at it in the same way [as other drugs] and be holding it up to the same standard.”

Source: Marijuana Appears to Benefit Mental Health: Study | TIME


Should President Obama Pardon Hillary Clinton? – Room for Debate – NYTimes.com

Should President Obama Pardon Hillary Clinton? – Room for Debate – NYTimes.com

My knee jerked to “Yes” in order to avoid the time and expense of watching the Republicans gnaw on Clinton’s bones while claiming that was the progress Americans voted for. All while the country continues to grind itself to the nubbin supporting the haves while the have-nots have less and less and less.

But then I remembered that President Bush (GW) DID NOT pardon Cheney. Or Rumsfeld. And there have never been two guiltier draft dodging bastards than those two. Bush gambled that Obama’s basic decency (and the Democrats invertebrateness) would keep them from chasing after those war criminals. That, coupled with good old fashioned American nationalism, would keep them safe.

And, so I say “No”. Not because I believe Trump will follow Obama’s lead in not pursuing folks walking out the door but because it’s right. Which is always the best reason. It’s the only thing to do. And it’s time that we started doing the RIGHT thing in America rather than the politically right thing.

If she’s done something, she should be tried for it. If not, then not. And if our new overlords decide the only way to determine that is to spend even more money digging throw the skidmarked drawers of Hillary Clinton’s history, so be it.

Dig away.

  • Eliot

Which is always the best reason.

A Quick Word from Frank (GAFFNEY: America’s first Muslim president? – Washington Times)

In my opinion, Frank Gaffney is (and always has been) an existential threat to the United States from a foreign policy perspective. I am not being hyperbolic here. Frank is the Paleo-Neocon. He has, at various times, advocated war with Russia, North Korea and Iran. Seriously advocated.

So, I’ve decided to introduce Frank to the American people so that you know just what a leading voice on Donald Trump’s National Security Transition Team believes. Because you need to know. And know fear.

So a new feature at the RiverHouse. “A quick word from Frank” will be an article either authored by or about Frank Gaffney. Here’s the first one:

GAFFNEY: America’s first Muslim president? – Washington Times

During his White House years, William Jefferson Clinton — someone Judge Sonia Sotomayor might call a “white male” — was dubbed “America’s first black president” by a black admirer. Applying the standard of identity politics and pandering to a special interest that earned Mr. Clinton that distinction, Barack Hussein Obama would have to be considered America’s first Muslim president.

  • Eliot

What Happened? Why Trump?

If I see one more liberal in a hair shirt flinging ashes around and wailing about their lack of familiarity with real (read that “White”) working class America, I’m going to retch. “I don’t know any Trump voters and that’s the real problem.” says Nikolas Kristoff. Well, Mr. Kristoff, I know loads of Trump voters. That’s not your problem. It isn’t familiarity with the Trump voters. Its willful ignorance of their motivation.
Its the fear that somehow you will be tainted by their barbarity because you share a skin color. A race. Welcome to how the world feels to every Black man who has watched the evening news. Or Muslim that hears the words “active shooter.”
People voted for Trump for reasons much baser than the last few days of tortured analysis claim. I expected that analysis to occur. And I expect it to take months, if not years. However, I was not surprised by any of the Trump voters that I know. I see no reason for a protracted analysis.
Everyone that I assumed was going to vote for Trump, voted for Trump.
And I didn’t base my assumptions on any of the reasons being bandied about on television. I just took 57 years of living as an American into account and assumed that Americans would play to type.
Works every time.
And now, good Democrats will reconfigure their party based on the flawed analysis that this was anything more than the primal scream of a country still deeply stratified by a caste system we just can’t seem to get rid of. The blinders that keep the Democrats from realizing there are multiple strata at work here. It’s the resistance to movement within any of those strata that causes social tension. Social tension causes people to lash out against other tribes. So who are the others?
It’s not just race or sex or sexual orientation or gender or nationality or ethnicity or religion or color or ableness or anything else. It’s all of those things. It’s strata within strata.
We can fix this only if we see it that way. If we see that limiting a human being based on anything over which they do not have control is wrong. And won’t be tolerated. Once that is established, everything else falls into place. But that is hard work. It is something that humankind has never been able to do.
Will that change now?
– Eliot