What Happened? Why Trump?

If I see one more liberal in a hair shirt flinging ashes around and wailing about their lack of familiarity with real (read that “White”) working class America, I’m going to retch. “I don’t know any Trump voters and that’s the real problem.” says Nikolas Kristoff. Well, Mr. Kristoff, I know loads of Trump voters. That’s not your problem. It isn’t familiarity with the Trump voters. Its willful ignorance of their motivation.
Its the fear that somehow you will be tainted by their barbarity because you share a skin color. A race. Welcome to how the world feels to every Black man who has watched the evening news. Or Muslim that hears the words “active shooter.”
People voted for Trump for reasons much baser than the last few days of tortured analysis claim. I expected that analysis to occur. And I expect it to take months, if not years. However, I was not surprised by any of the Trump voters that I know. I see no reason for a protracted analysis.
Everyone that I assumed was going to vote for Trump, voted for Trump.
And I didn’t base my assumptions on any of the reasons being bandied about on television. I just took 57 years of living as an American into account and assumed that Americans would play to type.
Works every time.
And now, good Democrats will reconfigure their party based on the flawed analysis that this was anything more than the primal scream of a country still deeply stratified by a caste system we just can’t seem to get rid of. The blinders that keep the Democrats from realizing there are multiple strata at work here. It’s the resistance to movement within any of those strata that causes social tension. Social tension causes people to lash out against other tribes. So who are the others?
It’s not just race or sex or sexual orientation or gender or nationality or ethnicity or religion or color or ableness or anything else. It’s all of those things. It’s strata within strata.
We can fix this only if we see it that way. If we see that limiting a human being based on anything over which they do not have control is wrong. And won’t be tolerated. Once that is established, everything else falls into place. But that is hard work. It is something that humankind has never been able to do.
Will that change now?
– Eliot

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