Ladies and Gentlemen. The President of the United States.

I’ve been following the normalization of Donald Trump by the media. Much of recent history is being bent, mangled and mutilated as his supporters try to wash the taint of racism, xenophobia and White supremacy out of Trumpism. We are told that it’s economic populism and not active and benign White supremacy that gave us our new Overlord –
(Don’t kid yourself. That is what Trump calls himself in the wee hours of the morning when he’s tweeting out his outrage at the Constitution.)
– and we better accept it. This is just the end result of the bizarre philosophy that being called a “racist” is as bad as being the object of “racism”. A lie that only people who have never been the object of “racism” would even entertain.
(Having been called a “racist” AND been the victim of “racism”, I can assure you that there is no contest)
The spectacle of a man who’s Campaign Chairman and Senior Policy Adviser declared his business as the “platform” for White Supremacy AND who’s Father marched with the KKK AND who’s business model has, at times, included discriminating against Black Americans AND who has spoken of his belief in eugenics AND who has said he will ban entire religions from entering this country EVEN IF THEY ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS SERVING IN THE UNITED STATES MILITARY arguing that he is not racist would be laughable if it didn’t bring the very real possibility that we are watching the end of America as an experiment in social equality and democracy.
A man that has spoken of his belief in eugenics. A man that has declared his belief that wealth and fame entitle men to fondle your daughters genitals. A man who enjoys having his daughter called a “piece of ass” by other rich men. A man who believes that Black Americans all live in some dystopian nightmare called the “inner city” where a simple trip to the grocery store is a death sentence. And Jews acumen with money is so self-evident that he laments having Blacks “counting his money”.
Ladies and Gentlemen. The President of the United States.

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