Trump Beat Sanders? Not In A Million Years.

Not a chance. No way.  Why not?
There wasn’t any “never Sanders” movement. It really is that simple. The universe of people voting specifically against Bernie Sanders was very small and mostly populated by the staff of the DNC. The Clinton created myth that somehow the majority of American people were trembling in fear at the prospect that a Democratic Socialist (the default position for virtually every American) might become President of the United States was (and is) nonsense.
It supposes that a people that just voted for a vaudeville version of a fascist dictator would somehow be so frightened by the very word “socialist”, so full of hate at the very notion of a “socialist” that they would vote for Trump. There is absolutely no evidence to support this fantasy. It’s only purpose is to help Clinton supporters ignore the fact that collusion between Wasserman-Schultz’s DNC and the Clinton Campaign PLUS the sheer incompetence of the Clinton Campaign is responsible. And why would anyone be surprised.
The whole “anti-American” and “communist” canard was created by the same people that tried to paint Obama as “Other” and Trump as “Hitler”. And, even using that smear, she still needed the DNC’s heavy thumb on the scale to barely squeak by an unknown Senator from Vermont. Hillary Clinton was to women what Jesse Jackson was to Blacks. We know it’s time for a woman President and she is the only name we could think of so we overlooked her obvious shortcomings in our quest to fix a social wrong. Just like Jesse Jackson running for President. The only name we could think of so we overlooked his (even more) obvious shortcomings in our quest to fix a social wrong.
The problem with that mindset is you are implicitly buying into the argument of those that kept women and Blacks as second class citizens all of these years. You’re saying that the person’s identity is more important than the person’s ability. Bigots have been saying that forever. And, no, it’s not “reverse bigotry” or “reverse racism”. It’s “bigotry” or “racism”. Reversing either of those would be the right thing to do.
Hillary Clinton and the DNC are responsible for the dungheap the United States now finds itself firmly ensconced in.
This is the same person that lost to a little known first-term Illinois Senator. Some of that loss could be blamed on the DNC’s reluctance to use its influence for her and against the first real Black candidate for POTUS. There was no such reluctance when it came to Bernie Sanders. So she eaked out a bare victory over Sanders only to lose to a reality star doing his best screeching Howler Monkey impression while wiping his ass with the Constitution on TV on a nightly basis. 
Trump won because he wasn’t Clinton AND he plays into the core modern Republican bigot gene. Would that have translated if he were running against Sanders? No. There simply wasn’t a “not Sanders” group of any size. As such, Sanders cleans Trump’s clock.
Sanders would have the pro-Sanders, pro-Clinton, anti-bigotry AND anti-Trump vote while Trump’s support was primarily from the anti-Clinton AND pro-bigotry crowd. While the pro-Trump crowd would vote for Trump, they are also members of one or both of the other categories of Trump support and, thus, don’t need to be counted separately.
But it was more important to the establishment Democrats to remain in power in their party than it was to move the nation forward. It was more important that Hillary Clinton get her turn than it was to stop the rise to power of an orange tanned Leona Helmsley with Lee Press-On Testicles™ wannabe.  Now, they are sit atop a pile of corruption, graft and conspiracy watching Mr. Jefferson’s party dissolve while the Trumparians put the US in existential danger. While we, the American people, are at the bottom of that pile.  Thanks, Democrats.
Time to start digging out, folks.
– Eliot

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