There Are No Trump Kids!

Can we stop calling Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump “The Trump Kids”, PLEASE? These aren’t “kids”. These are chronologically middle aged multi-millionaires that specialize in making money at other peoples expense who now have access to a trove of insider information that is, literally, priceless. And that trove is in the form of a man who has the self-control (and, oddly enough, the hand size) of a toddler.
Pretending they are children is not in the best interests of the country. It is this kind of thinking that allowed National Security Advisor-Select Mike Flynn to keep his insane and stupidly deadly son on board as his Chief of Staff.
The SEC should step in and make it clear that any trading by Trump Corporation Board Members and relatives of Donald Trump, by birth or marriage, will be suspect and investigated. Treat these adults like the adults they are.
– Eliot

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