Repeal Obamacare NOW!

Part of me says “Repeal Obamacare!” and do it now. Get it out of there. Keep your pledge and get rid of it on Day One. I think it might be the best thing that could happen for our government. An object lesson in the consequences of ignorance, hate, and stupidity.
First, let me note that the folks who didn’t vote for Trump AND who rely on Obamacare are going to get hurt in this no matter what. There truly is no way to save them. The Republicans have blustered themselves into having to do harm to people in order to be politically true to the nonsensical rhetoric they have been spotting for the last eight years. Now that they are in power, they’ve got to take action.
Thanks, Democrats
 So, those folks who need Obamacare and didn’t vote for Trump will have to take one for the team.
It is time that those folks that vote against their own interests in some dying Kraken-like spasm of hate and envy and jealousy learned their lesson. Elections have consequences. Make sure it’s not against you just so you can get at someone else.
In order to get that lesson across, it is vital that we maintain the temporal relationship between the election of Donald Trump and the coming reality of no health insurance and a return to the pre-Obamacare skyrocketing rates. Without it, the Republicans will tie failures in their approach to the need to negotiate with the Democrats. Lots of “If only we didn’t have to make this bipartisan it would have never resulted in a return to those yearly increase rates” OR “If we didn’t have to satisfy the Democrats need to cover everyone regardless of sexual orientation, we would have been able to maintain pre-existing condition coverage.” That is what you get in our new “post-truth” era. Say it loud enough and some moron (or group of morns) will believe it. And repeat it.
We are those morons
Welcome to Trump’s America. Hang your integrity at the door. We don’t really use that much around here anymore.
Sorry, Mr. Franklin, but it looks like we couldn’t keep it so now the other?
“Hail, Trump” indeed.
– Eliot

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