Uncle Don’s Cesspool

I’m reading many holier-than-thou posts from people decrying all of the talk about politics on Facebook and everywhere else. They’re so sick of it and so now they’ll just post pictures of kittens or rainbows or unicorns or some other vapid nonsense. Because, hey, everything is going to be alright and all of those naysayers are just sore losers.
Suck it up, Buttercup!
I might want to do that too but, unlike them, I realized a long time ago that the sun doesn’t shine out of my rectum. The world is bigger than me. As are my responsibilities. Unfortunately, these self-centered, overprivileged whiners don’t share that feeling. Some Americans have gotten so used to being spoonfed everything that they’ve forgotten what it means to be Americans. Rugged individualism, can-do spirit, and all of that. The legend that made America the envy of the world. 
Killed by their own laziness and stupidity
Republicans have been proven right. This country is being dragged down by those who take and never give back. They see the government as the source of all things and fight and scratch and claw and clutch at everything the government can offer. At the same time, they provide little except for rhetorical disdain for the very teat they suckle from. Dragging greedily on it while declaring their disgust at the bare bosom that sustains them.
Cover yourself! Feed me!
Enough Red Staters! We simply can’t afford to pretend anymore. You rely on the United States innate racism to cover your looting of our Treasury. You blame old scapegoats (the Blacks, the Jews) and new scapegoats (the Immigrants, the Refugees, the Gays). Anyone that you can lump into one big fictional group so you can avoid dealing with the truth that comes from seeing the reality of individuals. Meanwhile, you take. And take. And take.
Food stamps
Free healthcare
Excessive voting power
Lighter prison sentences
Lower unemployment rates
All subsidized by the American people while you do nothing but talk about how bad this country is and whine about how those others are getting some small sliver of what you are taking. About how awful it is to live here. About what an inconvenience these Constitutional rights are. And, lately, that the very existence of facts is a unfair because it makes you feel sad that you’re stupid.
You are the Children of Trump. Loud, Foul, Rude, Disgusting, Ignorant (and proud of it). Easily manipulated by appealing to your seemingly limitless feeling of victimhood. Secure in your knowledge that America’s traditional bigotry will always work out in your favor. All while allowing you to pretend that your own effort has been the main influence on your life and not the rules that you’ve successfully bent to cover your ineptitude.
President Trump will soon disabuse you of that misconception. One Executive Order at a time. Unfortunately, the truly needy will get hurt as well.
That is why we.


– Eliot