Shove Or Be Shoved

Not feeling this weird new trend of folks demanding that celebrities, athletes, friends stop discussing politics around their sensitive little ears. That whatever thoughts or comments or feelings people might have about what is going on around them MUST be kept quiet.
I say “the more, the better”. If you don’t see what is happening now as a time to get at least involved enough in your politics to want to know what people are thinking, you just aren’t watching. The politics of now are the most influential thing in your life. That’s the way the world works whether you want to admit it or not.
You can shove or be shoved but you will be moving.
I’ve come to realize that there is a very real reason for this trend. I think the new political unrest as brought to the forefront the stark difference between the thoughts of the True Silent Majority and those that have claimed the mantle of the “Silent Majority” for all of these years. The boisterous protests and very public distaste for President Trump and his supporters has shown that those who claimed to be the “Silent Majority” were exactly what we knew they were: a Hateful Minority. And much like the racists who hate to be called racists but not enough to stop being racists, the Hateful Minority hate to be called Hateful but not enough to stop being Hateful. Just enough to hang tight to the false idea that their ideas are part of the Majority but they are the only ones brave enough to say that in the light.
Then the Silent Majority spoke.
The Hateful Minority could only maintain its fiction if the Silent Majority remained silent. It didn’t. It is standing on its feet and roaring. It is letting the world know that all of the things they have believed about America for years, is true. About America. The America which consists of the American people. It is not true about America’s government. A government which was designed by the landed gentry to be controlled by the landed gentry through elections designed to favor the landed gentry.
And now comes President Trump
The very definition of landed gentry. Rich. Spoiled. Arrogant. Narcissistic. Brick Stupid. The system made him President as it is designed to do in the absence of an overwhelming public desire to do otherwise. Landed gentry is the default. Landed gentry is the house bet. You can win against the house but not if you rely on luck. Or tradition. Clinton was the traditional bet and the house landed on her like a ton of bricks.
And so we have the Landed Gentry as POTUS. He rules as one would expect and that has caused the Silent Majority to drop the “Silent” and simply be the Majority. And speak up and out and sideways about the madness that is occurring. To not let our country go silently. To not let those that voted for the Landed Gentry OR that did not vote against the Landed Gentry forget that they are responsible for this vileness. They did this.
We will try to stop it but they did this. Don’t ever let them forget it.
– Eliot

2 thoughts on “Shove Or Be Shoved

  1. I’m absolutely certain that “the no longer silent’ majority will prevail, Eliot. I’m equally certain that the hateful minority won’t go quietly. As you beautifully put it; “you will either shove or be shoved, either way you will move.” Movement is about to happen; an entire generation is now ‘woke’. Here’s some coffee, let’s get to work.

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