Conspiracy Theory I

I don’t think it was the Intelligence Community that leaked the information about the existence of Flynn’s phone call to the media. They are taking the blame because people believe they would have been the folks that performed the actual intercept on the call. That is true but the leap from there to blaming them for leaking the existence of the call is just too far.
The intercept of a call between a legitimate target and a US person would have raised all sorts of flags. The level and target of the intercept would not have allowed the operator to simply identify a US person and dump the intercept as would be the case for normal incidental intercept. It would have had to have been reported up the chain.
Regardless of how you feel about the Logan Act, it is law and this was clearly a violation of the Logan Act. The intercepting agency would realize that there was a possible violation of law but the final decision would have been a determination that only the Justice Department could make. So, the intercept would have been turned over to Justice and the Intelligence Community would be out of it.
Unfortunately for Trump, Justice was being run by a woman that had very specifically stated that if asked to do something illegal, unconstitutional or unethical by the President of the United States she would refuse. She was pressed on this by the snide little racist weasel that now occupies the position of Attorney General of the United States but who was then the racist Senator from the Great State of Alabama.
She reported the problem and went on about her business having done her duty. Laterm when she was fired for refusing to support an unconstitutional order by the President, I believe she knew then that Flynn’s Russian problem was never going to be addressed. She knew that these people were not to be trusted. So, either she or a designate passed the information on to the press.
Thus endeth the Conspiracy Theory For The Day
– Eliot

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