Democrats = Republicans = Democrats

The Radical Right seem to still have the loudest bullhorn in the schoolyard. While they have acolytes shrieking away on television
(I no longer bother saying cable television because what other kind of television is there these days?)
scaring the people who don’t know any better.
Scaring them into going against their own best interests in order to keep some fictional boogeyman away. A boogeyman that can only be kept away if they give their money to the President and his Oligarch Government.
Money that they know best how to spend and for some reason always seems to involve buying things from the Oligarchy
I’ve always wondered what it was that Donald Trump brought to the table. What it was that led the Oligarchy to choose him as their face. He has no true ideology other than money. A condition that those in the Oligarchy aspire to achieve. Trump is unique in his greed. A greed so powerful that it generates an ignorance field around him.
A field that otherwise sane and knowledgeable politicians get sucked into (see Ryan, Paul or McConnell, Mitch or Manchin, Joe) and spit out as ignorant, slathering husks on the other side. Only fit to be props on television being both figuratively and literally jerked to President Trump’s side in the grasp of his stunted, orange, age-spotted digits. There it was. The reason for his appeal. The reason for his existence in the political landscape. His degree of stupid was large enough to reshape a major political party.
The New Republican Party.
A Donald J. Trump Joint
Meanwhile, the Democrats choose to wait for the implosion. A strategy they learned in their winning effort running Hillary Clinton against PRESIDENT Trump in 2016.
Battles versus wars, Dear Democrats. Battles versus wars.
The Democrats show that they still don’t realize the difference by picking Tom Perez (who almost definitely has one of those vile Hillary Clinton nutcrackers at home that he only uses when he eats Brazil nuts) to be DNC Chairman. Keith Ellison gets the Deputy Chair to keep the commies that follow Bernie from burning the place to the ground once they finally understand that the Democrats DON’T WANT THEM HERE.
Go home with your societal benefit and forward thinking solutions. Quit it with your reasoned discourse and mutual understanding.
Big boy politics as practiced by establishment Democrats and Republicans isn’t about country or family or God. It is about power and money. In that order. Millenials and liberals and progressives and conservatives and populists and crony capitalists all need to understand that reality. All those with ideologies that they think are being served OR attacked are about to find out what that means. As is President Trump.
I saw him say today while addressing the National Governors Association, “There’s a Mike Pence, They say he’s from central casting. Like he’s from central casting. It’s true. Right? Huh?”
It is true, Mr. President. It is as if Establishment Republicans wanted to have one of their own ready to take over when your crazy ass was kicked out so they introduced you to this guy you’ve never met in your entire life and got you to choose him for Vice President. 

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