Don’t Blame Trump

I don’t think I’m angry with Donald Trump. At the end of the day, his is a single vote and his opinions are his (no matter how vile). He can’t elect himself President.

It is those of you who support him that are a disgrace to this country and everything it purports to stand for. It is your hate and vitriol that pit us against each other. It is your vile evil that keeps the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic engine going in this country that leads to murders and torture and rape of anyone that isn’t like them.

And you are aided by those who don’t act against Trump. The amoebas of the American body politic. You don’t act until an outside force acts directly upon you. You are the same people that inhabited Germany in the 1920s. You speak of some things the tyrant brings that you agree with and a secret knowledge that he isn’t “as bad as he seems”. You keep saying that over and over and over until the knock is finally on your door. Then you look for help. You demand that those who sacrificed from the beginning rescue you from the hero that you may not have chosen but you didn’t speak against.

Both of you, fans and enablers, are the last gasp of the bad that has infected America since its founding. Don’t get me wrong, we will eventually push you both into that fading light because, in the end, the arc of history does bend toward justice.

Trump is simply you raging. And, eventually, all raging goes silent.

– Eliot

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