The New Invisible Man

“I am a black woman, but I find more in common with characters in Seinfeld than I do with the ones in House of Payne. My world is neither all black nor all white, but a mix — whether it be race, gender, socio-economics, weight or age.”

– Kendra James writing in Racialicious.


I’m not a black woman but I absolutely get what Ms. James is saying. There is no mainstream depiction of Black people like me because we don’t fit the unending minstrel show preconception of American entertainment. And, I don’t mean minstrel to denote a focus on blackness but, minstrel in that buffoonery is the basis for too much of our entertainment.

Post-racial was the buzzword for the 20 minutes following President Obama’s election but I’m not talking about post-racial. My group is trans-racial…intra-economic…meta-gendered…vari-weighted…multi-aged.

We don’t recognize the social boundaries and step over them constantly. We are hard to pigeonhole and it’s that pigeonholing which is the basis for the minstrel show. Until the mainstream figures it out, I suspect we will continue to be left out. I can live with that. Gladly.

  • Eliot

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