This student’s message about white privilege is NOT the most important thing you’ll read today


The most important words in this were not written by Jenny Lundt but by Sahil Gadhavi:
“[W]here is this response when you see black men being incarcerated everyday while white men walk free for the same crimes or more? Where is this overpouring of attention when black children are being shot by the police everyday, while your own white children are being raised in the ignorance afforded by their skin? Where is this praise when black activists march up and down the city squares all over the country screaming “Black lives matter” and all they hear back is All lives matter.”
Until that question is answered, this reads too much like Trump’s coining of the phrase, “prime the pump”. He believes he coined the phrase because he has never come across it before because of his willful intellectual ignorance. Ms. Lundt is correct that this is about privilege. The privilege to ignore a subject until you decide to address it and then to treat it as if it sprang full blown from your forehead like Athena bursting out of Zeus’ dome. Your creation. Your insight.
And that insight has been analyzed and passed around and added to. All because a nice, upper class White woman decided it was worth her notice. Just notice. No action beyond her admission. Just notice. Meanwhile, marginalized people EVERYWHERE continue to suffer due to inaction of the privileged. The privileged who are the only people that can solve these issues.
Excuse me, if I don’t join the parade. If you can’t answer Mr. Gadhavi’s questions with a “Right here”, you, like Ms. Lundt, are the real problem.
(Hat tip to John Belt)
– Eliot

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