Bernie Sanders – Mushmouth Candidate?

For the first time, I’ve come across an issue where Sen. Bernie Sanders has mushmouth while Mrs. Hillary Clinton has a plan with specific goals and methods. While I expected that there would eventually be a subject on which Mrs. Clinton was “better” than Sen. Sanders BUT I would have never thought it would be Energy Policy.

Mrs. Clinton has a well thought out plan to increase renewable energy use in this country if she is elected. It is a reasonable and attainable plan. Here is the Bloomberg report on her announcement.

Sen. Sanders answered with a bunch of platitudes and general fossil=bad and renewable=good messages but nothing that made you think he has really considered the issue.

Sen. Sanders’ plan “would look like a tax on carbon; a massive investment in solar, wind, geothermal; it would be making sure that every home and building in this country is properly winterized; it would be putting substantial money into rail, both passenger and cargo, so we can move towards breaking our dependency on automobiles. And it would be leading other countries around the world.”

Sen. Sanders runs the very real risk of becoming a one-trick pony with his focus on the economy. I’m not saying the economy isn’t important (it is) but addressing the environment, infrastructure, education and all of the other issues that this country needs will drive the economy to improve. Get the economy working by doing some of the things that need doing in this country.

I would hope his advisers are letting Sen. Sanders know that all of the other issues that progressives have been quietly waiting for have a direct impact on the economic issues that he is so focused on. He can’t afford to be the mushmouth candidate. All he has going for him now is the belief that he tells it like it is. If he loses that, he loses any chance he might have at the Democratic nomination.


Claire McCaskill: ‘Cruz following Trump around like a lost puppy’ – Eliza Collins – POLITICO

There’s something that Claire McCaskill is sure she’s getting for this early blocking-and-tacklinjg for Ms. Clinton. She’s gone after Bernie Sanders (of course, liberals are not her natural base so not much exposure there) and now she’s doing the early sniping at GOP low hanging fruit. Allowing Ms. Clinton to remain above the negativity and above the fray.

Seems to be beneath a Senator, so I’m guessing that it’s to show her loyalty to the Clinton Familia in the early jockeying for patronage positions in the coming Clinton Part Deux Administration. It’s quite a bit more than simple ring kissing but the payoff is well worth it.

Secretary of State? Secretary of Defense? Treasury? What is the payoff? VP is out of the question. America simply won’t stand for that much change all at the same time.Although, I would love to see it. The change in the character of this country would create changes throughout the world. Good changes.

Reality, however, rules the day. In order to become President of the United States, Ms. Clinton needs a man with all of Sen. McCaskill’s attributes for the VP spot. Unfortunately, the word “man” is used advisedly. There really is no other realistic choice at this time.

I personally would love to see a complete shake up of the system with Ms. Clinton tapping Jon Huntsman for VP and Mr. Huntsman accepting. The Republican Party would collapse as the moderates forced a reckoning and the faux conservatives headed for the hills.  Something approaching a true conservative party might rise from the ashes. And, American would become a place where sane ideas from both sides compromised near the middle for the benefit of the citizenry more than corporations.

A not totally bad outcome.


Donald Trump as Republican Rohrschach Test?

Trump attacks McCain: ‘I like people who weren’t captured’ – Ben Schreckinger – POLITICO.

I’m no fan of Sen. McCain and am a huge opponent of “heroism creep”. Having said that, Mr. Trump went entirely too far. I have to agree with Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and others that say this disqualifies Mr. Trump for Commander-in-Chief.

More importantly, I think it  puts a question to the Republican rank-and-file that will be answered by their reaction to Mr. Trump’s latest.

Is it acceptable to belittle the service of wounded veterans as long as you are blowing the racist/xenophobic/homophobic/sexist dog whistle OR will the members of the Republican Party finally rediscover some part of the humanity they have lost over the last 6.5 years?

We shall see.


Donald Trump As Mr. America?

Donald Trump is a problem. That is a fact, in more ways than one.

To the mainstream, Mr. Trump’s antics are forcing the “legitimate” candidates to have to deal with issues that will be problematic during the general election. Mr. Trump’s obsession with immigration and his raw xenophobia are anathema to the Republican Party’s plans to woo Brown voters. Every word that Mr. Trump speaks makes it more difficult for the Republicans to have a coordinated plan to win back the White House.

That is a problem and the Republicans are right to be concerned about it. But their is a worse problem that Mr. Trump represents. It is a problem that affects all Americans – not just Republicans.

Mr. Trump is a legitimate contender drawing a sizable amount of support within the Republican Party. And that support is not a fluke. These are people that agree with what Mr. Trump says and what he represents. These are Americans who believe that the future of this country should be driven by the demented visions of this carnival huckster of a human being.

They see every Brown person as a drug mule intent on breaching our border in order to decapitate a family of Wonder Bread Americans peacefully sleeping in their adobe bungalow and dreaming of American Idol reruns. They see all Blacks as either skipping through the sorghum, singing with the Bluebirds like kindly old Uncle Remus OR mutant cultural vampires with Al Sharpton hairdos, clutching Obamaphones in their hands and demanding HHS vouchers for tattoos and acrylic nails.

Mr. Trump is a man of limited intelligence but unlimited hubris. He has made of career of telling people what he wants them to believe.



And it has worked because those people want to believe as much as he wants them to. They believe in the vision that Mr. Trump is selling of an America that simply needs someone like Mr. Trump ( a serial failure) to speak loudly to our enemies and threaten to sue them when they get out of line. He is Ayn Rand’s superman. A man lacking in basic morals or ethics and driven only to seek celebrity and success at any cost.

The fact that some Americans are buying this load of goat swill, is beyond troubling. It says that there are Americans that truly shouldn’t be trusted with sharp objects or plastic dry cleaning bags. They are the new and rising part of this country. They are easily manipulated. They are preprogrammed to identify their betters AND to follow their orders. And they are on a collision course with a Brown demographic tidal wave that will not be stopped.

Welcome to the Trump Generation.



From The RiverHouse

I had to go and pick up the Excursion from Syracuse this morning. The Bulgarian elf that takes care of the puppies when we are away,  doesn’t drive a stick so she uses the Excursion when she stays over. The Excursion has the honor of being the largest production model vehicle made in the United States. It is very large. And, the elf is very small.

A wondrous sight

So Lisa and I drove together in the Hyundai which has the satellite radio stuff. I usually listen to Alternative, First Wave, Lithium or NPR. That is, of course, when I’m not listening to Raw Dog. That morning, we heard an interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-Dave Foley’s Aunt) on Morning Joe.

(I know it’s not on any of the channels I listed. Odd)

They asked Sen. Graham his opinion of the Iran nuclear agreement and he went on a prepackaged and predictable tirade about how it was the worst thing that had happened to civilization since..ummm…marriage equality.

He railed. He hollered. He lamented. He declared the end of Israel and ALL OF CREATION! DESTRUCTION! PERDITION! WHACKA! WHACKA! WHACKA! DON’T EAT THAT! WHY DO MY TEETH ITCH?!?

He was just short of a full on Black Baptist preacher grunting, snorting and sweating fighting an offering jones in the middle of August. I waited for one of the JB’s to show up with a cape to cover his quivering body after it came out of its partisan-induced grand mal seizure. Finally, he recovered as the spirit of Lee Atwater left him and floated up toward the light. With a towel over his shoulder.


And, when he was done – when he was finished – one of the hosts said “Have you read it?”.

“Nope”, said Sen. Graham.



Weiner on Bernie Sanders. Weiner?

That paragon of virtue, Anthony Weiner (D – Serial Penis Exposer), is out with an article in Business Insider on candidate for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I – VT). Mr. Weiner was best known as the bombastic congressman from New York that loved reminding Americans what a good caricature of a NY Jew Liberal should look. The man was like a running Saturday Night Live schtick even before he became a running Saturday Night Live schtick.

In this article, Mr. Weiner establishes his bona fides to comment on Sen. Sanders by telling us how well he knows him. He even gives the obligatory nod to Sen. Sanders mensch-hood. A quick mention of the whacky scientist hairdo (slight deduction for not throwing in the Back to the Future reference) and now we know that whatever he says isn’t coming from hate but love. Good old love for my pal Bernie…

Oh, and did I mention my wife works for Hillary Clinton? And, out come the knives. What has Mr. Weiner so worked up that he has emerged from his well earned exile? Bernie Sanders isn’t a member of the Democratic Party! Gasp! ZOMG! Gadzooks and Zowies!

This is how desperate Hillary Clinton and the former DLC crowd have become? Worse, this is the level of argument the Democratic Party is willing to stomach in the run for the next presidency? We can’t afford another 8 years of banality and politics as usual.

America has to invest in Americans. Not corporations. Not causes. In Americans. We need to save ourselves. And if this is what passes as an issue for the Democratic Party, they don’t deserve to be in power.