Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans – The New York Times

I have to agree here. I’m starting to believe that corruption is so deeply ingrained in the Democrats that they don’t truly see the seriousness of the Russian interference past the point where it kept Clinton from being elected. WHICH IS NOT WHAT WE ARE CONCERNED WITH!!
It is as if they see the action as acceptable but its outcome as not. That makes sense given their response to the successful anti-Sanders campaign they waged. A campaign that, when it came to light, they focussed entirely on the process of exposing the wrongdoing rather than the wrongdoing itself. It wasn’t the rigging of the election that was the problem, it was the public finding out about it.
A hostile foreign government SUCCESSFULLY influenced an American election in order to get their preferred candidate elected AND that candidate is now appointing to positions of significant authority other folks that are friendly with that hostile foreign government. That is the issue and if the Democrats aren’t willing to stand up and fight to fix this they don’t deserve to run this country or call themselves patriots.
Spineless bastages.
– Eliot

Intelligence Briefings? Meh.

If you are wondering why those daily intelligence briefings are important even for a “very smart guy” like Trump. Read this article from Vice News in March of 2015.
It is a bit dated but sometimes things come to light while nobody is looking. It is the actual intelligence analysis that President Bush, et al, used to justify our invasion of Iraq and murder of over 250,000 people. Read it. (I’ll wait)
Did you see it? Did you see that the intelligence agency that took the brunt of the blame for Bush’s mad attempt to finally get his father’s approval wasn’t wrong? If Bush had read the assessment, we would have never went into Iraq. At least, not under that pretense. No WMDs. No link to al Qaeda. Nada.
But he, like the incoming President, has the attention span of a goldfish with ADD. Too busy. I’m too smart. Tell me later.
250,000 souls wiped off the planet because George W. Bush was too busy and too intellectually lazy to do the job he was being paid to do.
And now Trump. Oy.