February 12, 1968, Memphis sanitation workers went on strike to protest, among other things, the death of two of their fellow workers due to unsafe working conditions. The Memphis mayor refused to negotiate. He saw no reason for concern over the condition under which “Negroes” worked and, besides, the strikers would be back as soon as the money ran out.

His cavalier and uncaring attitude raised a simple question in the men’s minds: Am I not a man? This same question had been used by abolitionists in an attempt to shame “Christian” men and women into realizing that Slaves were humans. Just as they were. And beholding to the same God and due the same rights. Eventually, a war was fought to settle that question from a legal standpoint. Blacks were men UNDER THE LAW.



Now, we find ourselves suddenly realizing that UNDER THE LAW means nothing if it isn’t recognized by the people. Virtually all Americans pay lip service to the truth that Black men are indeed men but many through their actions and the law demonstrate that it is, indeed, only lip service. It is time once again to let them now that we are men. Let them know that “I AM A MAN”That is the simple fact. And as a man in this country I have certain rights which I will insist are recognized and honored. All because I AM A MAN.

There was a time when Black men who wanted to be recognized as men had to stand up and declare it. And they did. Loudly and proudly.

They let the world know they were men by simply carrying a sign that declared “I AM A MAN” and not letting anyone forget it. Today, we find ourselves in the same situation. Black men are no longer seen as men. They are seen as criminals and thugs. They are, to quote the Governor of Maine, “the enemy” as far as much of America is concerned.

To fight back, we’ve designed a shirt to tell the world you have had enough. That you are a descendant of those men that carried a sign declaring their manhood. They were beaten, attacked by dogs, jailed, and even killed for taking this stand. Take your own stand and help others at the same time.

Purchase one of our I AM A MAN (Say it again) t-shirts. You don’t have to be Black or White or Brown or Red or Yellow to wear it. You don’t have to be Straight or Gay or Bi or Trans. You don’t have to be Anglo or Latino. You don’t have to be Native-born or Immigrant.

You don’t even have to be a man.

You simply have to be willing to say “I will have my rights AND YOU WILL NOT STOP ME!” They come in the original red letters on white background and a more impactful and modern white letters on black background.



Our shirts pay homage to those brave souls who carried that simple sign. Those men that said “I AM A MAN”. By wearing this shirt you’ll continue the message. You’ll be doing your part to fight the prejudice and bigotry so many face every day. You’ll be saying that without a doubt that now and forever “I AM A MAN”.
Get one for yourself and some for the men in your life. Just Click on the shirt you want and follow directions.
50% of all profits will be going directly to the ACLU. I’m pretty sure they’ll need the money over the next few years. The other 50% will go to keeping The RiverHouse Chronicles on-line.  Thanks loads and if you feel like sharing this EVERYWHERE…it couldn’t hurt.
– Eliot

Alabama Justice Roy Moore vows to block ‘illegitimate’ marriage equality ruling at state level

Hate is predictable.

The reaction of Alabama Justice Roy Moore and the evil bastages that follow him is not only predictable, it is boring predictable. When Brown v. Board was decided, they closed schools rather than endure the neverending marijuana-fueled rape fest that was the inevitable result of allowing Black boys and White girls to occupy the same classroom.

There might even be (gasp) jazz music.

After the Loving v. Virginia decision legalized mandingo style coupling between Blacks and Whites by OKing interracial marriage, “Christian” preachers proclaimed that it was only a matter of time before that unholy union led to polygamy and bestiality becoming the norm.  The Justice Moores of the time also refused to abide by the law. Saying that no Yankee court could change what God (a big fan of polygamy, by the way) had ordained.

Sound familiar?

They take God’s Word and twist Him into incomprehensible shapes. They then declare it “love” and condemn those they “love” to a lifetime of loneliness and despair. And, just for good measure, they let the “loved” one know that the loneliness and despair will not end when they die because God will “love” them in the same manner and they will reside in Hell eternally because…”love”.

Hurray and Huzzah. Where do I sign up for that program?

When you come on a slug destroying your garden, you can: (1) remove it and relocate it elsewhere; (2) set out intricate traps that humanely drown it in beer late at night; or (3) indulge that part of your lizard brain where a tiny Hannibal Lecter resides and pour salt on it to watch it writhe in agony and melt away squirming and cursing your name.

Pass the fava beans and a glass of that Chianti, will you?


‘God Loves Gays’ Message Now Rotating On Same Michigan Digital Billboard As Anti-Gay Message | God

Indeed He does. God Loves Gays. Full stop. You may believe this isn’t true. That is your right. BUT you can’t believe this isn’t true AND be a Christian.

It’s one or the other.  In His word, God tells us that we can’t serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and Hate. And, don’t kid yourself, if you don’t want Gays to have the same rights, privileges and benefits as the rest of us, you hate them. This is not a fence you can sit on.

Where do you fall?

(Hat tip to M Scott Grohocki-Proctor​)


Gay Marriage Is The Same As Interracial Marriage

Pastors Issue Warning to the Supreme Court ‘Not to Cross This Line’ as Landmark Ruling on Gay Marriage Approaches

You ever wonder why the “Gay marriage is the same as interracial marriage” argument doesn’t work with these people? I did. Until I thought about it and realized that it does work with these people. They absolutely believe that Gay marriage should be treated the same as interracial marriage and vice versa.

The argument, at it’s core, is that you should feel the same way about Gay marriage that you do about interracial marriage. To feel differently is hypocritical and undermines any argument against Gay marriage. Marriage equality proponents use this argument as the final thrust in any debate against their opponents.

Drop mike and walk off the stage

But we’ve made a tremendous mistake. Those of us that aren’t bigoted asshats ASSUME that everyone isn’t a bigoted asshat. One thing that we should have learned when folks (Whites, Blacks, Gays, Straights, etc) were fighting for equal rights for Blacks is that the world is full of bigoted asshats. Our belief that they all disappeared into whatever ring of Hell that the Lord has reserved for them, notwithstanding.

And this.

And the genius of Felix Unger is proven again.

Marriage equality opponents believe that Gay marriage and interracial marriage should be treated the same.

They are both abominations.


Gay is the New Black

That is a fact. It is the truth. It is undeniable. If you think it isn’t, you are just wrong.

If you still don’t believe it, read this:

On their wedding day, turned away by NC magistrates

All of the pain and anger and shame that the Person’s went through in 1977, is being experienced everyday by Gay citizens across this country. For what they are and what God made them.

Too many people who claim to follow that God, make every effort to demonstrate their hate for homosexuals. Too many people who claim to preach Christ, preach anti-Christ when they call for discrimination against those that God has made in HIS image.

How they can follow Jesus the Christ and be so very hateful is beyond me. It is as if they spit in Jesus’ face every time they are faced with an opportunity to love and understand and accept God’s creation but decide to say that what God has made is bad. That what He made Is perverse. That what He made is not the “plan” because these men say so. God said it was good BUT fundamentalist Christians say “Hold on a minute! We decide whether these people that you made are good, God!”

How arrogant

Of course, that has been man’s modus operandi since God breathed life into the clay. Oddly enough, men always decide that in order to be good, others must be like them. They must look like them, act like them and love like them. If not they are “bad”.

Blacks were “bad” because they didn’t look like them. But then Blacks decided to form their own churches. Separate and unequal. So that they could decide what was good and let God know. This helped them feel like they were real people instead of the 3/5th the law said they were because they were “bad”.

And, as real people, they had to find someone that was “bad”. Otherwise, what would be the point in being a real person and how would they know they were “good”? But who?

Homosexuals are scary because they have feelings we heterosexuals don’t understand. They have sex in ways we don’t understand. They aren’t like us. And, since we are “good” (we tell ourselves that every Sunday in our segregated churches) and they aren’t like us, they must be “bad”.

“Huzzah, we’ve found our bad”

Celebration all around and pats on the back from those who formerly owned the Blacks for seeing the light that some people are just not as good as other people.

“That was all we were trying to get you to understand for the last 400 years. Glad to see you finally got it. Welcome to Christianism. It’s like Christianity except we’ve dispensed with that pesky Christ and just worship the traditions and prejudices of the religion itself. “

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Jesus’ answer to His persecutors.

I’m trying, Lord. I’m trying.