A chilling reminder: the name and face of every single Sandy Hook shooting victim – Vox


Source: A chilling reminder: the name and face of every single Sandy Hook shooting victim – Vox


Meanwhile, we’ve done little to nothing to keep this from happening again. In fact, many states have taken steps to make it significantly more likely that elementary school kids will be slaughtered by a maniac with a gun.
Well done, folks. Well done.
Yeah, sometimes being an American means you are a citizen of a country run by idiots in order to appease morons. And, sometimes, that is deadly.
I’m sorry, little ones. We should have done more to protect you.
– Eliot
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Words Can Never Hurt Me?

I seldom curse. Not for any moral reason. Not because I believe Christians shouldn’t curse (I don’t). I think it calls attention to you and I try to avoid that whenever possible. I just save it for times when it makes an impact. Having said that, it’s just words. Nothing more. Nothing less. Those words literally mean only whatever you decide they mean to you. Your level of offense at a word is equal to the power you’ve given the word over you. No one else can influence that.
This man gave the words “Deez Nuts” the power of life and death. Over his roommate and, now, over him. Think about that.
Deez Nuts
Talk about your obvious signs of the end times. You can chuckle. I know I still am.
Worth it?
– Eliot

Military to Ammosexuals: Please Go Away

No, thanks: Military asks armed militiamen to go away and stop trying to guard recruiting centers.

Michael LeRose guarding a West Virginia recruiting center (Screenshot/WCHSTV)

What recruiter wouldn’t want an armed yokel playing soldier outside of his door? I’ll bet all of those Moms and Dads bringing their kids down for an introductory chat with the recruiter are going to feel like the military is just the sort of career they want for their beloved spawn.

Go away, gents.

If you really want to help, go into the office and take the oath.

If they won’t let you, there’s a reason.


People Control

If “people misusing guns” kill people, what kind of moron would be against checking the backgrounds of those people before they get to misuse the gun?

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. With guns.

So check the background of the people before you give them guns.


(Hat tip to Mona Brown)