The Republican Party

It’s as if the entire Republican Party has the hormones of a 13 year old boy. Testosterone is rushing hither and yon in his body. Everything is either uncontrollable giggles, an urge to punch something in the face while screaming like a banshee or funny feelings in his nether regions whenever Mrs. Cleaver puts on her apron.

Every day is an adventure in trying to keep from reacting to those feelings. Sometimes, though, the feelings win. And, off he goes. Meat cleaver in hand. Elmer Fudd hunting hat firmly pulled down around the ears.

Get the rabbit

Get the rabbit

Other days, the feelings just make him want to be with folks like him. Others that smell of sweat and armpits and anxiety and fear. Others waiting for someone to tell him what his place in the world is. He doesn’t know.

Woolworth Lunch CounterHe runs to join his tribe whenever something new or strange or different happens. His tribe is good. The other is not in his tribe. Therefore, the other is not good. The other must be stopped before they do something. Something that will lead to something new or strange or different. Something that causes change. Change is scary. Change is inevitable. Change is bad.

Blame the other. Always blame the other.

Grow up.


  • Eliot

Pedophiles Call For Same Rights As Homosexuals. Or Not?

When you are wrong, you lie. When you are right, there is no need. Behold the lie.

– Pat Dollard
(Warning: If you go to this page be prepared for multiple pop-ups.)

It isn’t even a well constructed line of BS but, like with the lies told about President Obama, it feeds the hate so it is repeated. Read that article and know how weak and stupid the forces of hate are.

We have won and will continue to win because our opponents have nothing but their hate while we have God and love on our side. I’ll take those odds.