Liberally Racist

Evan Gahr wrote a recent article titled “Appeals Court Judges Send WaPo Racial Purge Lawsuit To Trial” in  the Daily Caller Washington Gadfly column addressing some “racial” turmoil at the Washington Post. Since the Daily Caller is run by Tucker Carlson, expectations for quality journalism are fairly low and Mr. Gahr does not disappoint. The Daily Caller is written in the style of a school newspaper for an all-male military boarding school. If that paper were full of the items that the Advisor had forbidden to be published. Lots of false machismo. Guns! Cigars! Booze! Breasts! And more Kate Upton than anyone cares to experience.

It is journalism as shown in a Christian Slater movie.

Also, an essential part of the mix is the tweaking of the journalistic establishment. Carlson attempts to make Daily Caller relevant by pointing out the hypocrisy of the liberal media. Gahr’s article gives him just that chance. It allows the veneer of respectability by championing the Black (BONUS!) alleged victim while giving them a shot at the Washington Post for being racist in its actions and hypocritical in its lack of coverage. Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and a few others are dragged into this fetid mess by the end.

And it works.

It works THIS TIME because there is truth here. This is the reality of too many “liberal” people and institutions. Their liberalism is heartfelt. Their liberalism is passionate.

Their liberalism is…situational.

I’ve found that the best way to get along with most liberals, institutions and people, is to treat them the same as bigots. If you treat them with the deference and obsequiousness a bigot expects from a Black person, they will be fine. However, without that deference and obsequiousness, they will treat you like David Duke would treat Bigger Thomas after his last date with Duke’s sister. At a minimum the word “uppity” will be thought as the word “arrogant” is said. Lots of talk about “attitude”.

Eventually, you will find out that their wife or husband or best friends (most of whom would be astonished to know they are that person’s friend) or adopted child(ren) or Great Grandfather’s favorite pet was Black. In their mind this establishes their racial bonafides and immunizes them, for all time, from being racist or performing an act of racism. Pointing out that they are being or doing something racist is met by a recitation of their bonafides (see above) and a refusal to see reality just as strong as any of the poor deluded souls (emphasis on the “poor”) that just put Trump into office.

White folks on the Left (WFOTL) do racist things. White folks on the Right (WFOTR) are racists. Minorities understand that there is a difference. It’s time that Whites do as well. For the most part, minorities give WFOTL a pass on this. Its not that we don’t know it. So, the DailyCaller shouldn’t really spend so much time trying to point out what we all now. And we know that when it is pointed out, the preferred method of dealing with it by the Left (Minorities and WFOTL) is to turn politely away and pretend that someone on the other side of the room just called them.

But we do that with the expectation that there will be something done about it. Some attempt to redress. Some attempt to make right. Some attempt to bend the arc.

When that doesn’t happen then it isn’t just WFOTL doing their thing. It isn’t just the good natured stumbling of WFOTL as they try to figure out things.

Then it’s just racism.

– Eliot