The New Invisible Man

“I am a black woman, but I find more in common with characters in Seinfeld than I do with the ones in House of Payne. My world is neither all black nor all white, but a mix — whether it be race, gender, socio-economics, weight or age.”

– Kendra James writing in Racialicious.


I’m not a black woman but I absolutely get what Ms. James is saying. There is no mainstream depiction of Black people like me because we don’t fit the unending minstrel show preconception of American entertainment. And, I don’t mean minstrel to denote a focus on blackness but, minstrel in that buffoonery is the basis for too much of our entertainment.

Post-racial was the buzzword for the 20 minutes following President Obama’s election but I’m not talking about post-racial. My group is trans-racial…intra-economic…meta-gendered…vari-weighted…multi-aged.

We don’t recognize the social┬áboundaries and step over them constantly. We are hard to pigeonhole and it’s that pigeonholing which is the basis for the minstrel show. Until the mainstream figures it out, I suspect we will continue to be left out. I can live with that. Gladly.

  • Eliot