Donald Trump is Putin’s Moses And the Alt-Reich’s God Emperor

Source: Tillerson holds press conference without US reporters | TheHill

The beautifully bizarre part of all of this is the support for Trump’s treatment of the press. There are people that are cheering that the President is limiting access to the people tasked with keeping the American people informed of his actions. He is blinding the American people and some of them cheer for it. Of course, those same “Americans” cheer his espousal of:

Religious bigotry
Sexual assault
Disclosure of classified information
Incitement to violence

Perhaps the dirty little secret of America is that there truly is a class of American that is, well, stupid. And mean. And purposely ignorant. And hateful.

Some may see this as Eliot just having a go at White Americans. That isn’t the case because I’m not talking about White Americans. I’m being truly colorblind in this case because color/race/ethnicity/religion/sexual orientation/whatever don’t matter one bit. Trump’s horrible words and actions are cheered by all kinds of Americans from all demographics. Compartmentalization allows each member of a group targeted by Trump to simply ignore his words on their particular group. They are so certain that he isn’t talking to them. But they are wrong.

And, if you are one of them, you are wrong. Completely, utterly, stunningly wrong.

He is talking about you. Or your parents. Or your siblings. You may have voted for Trump and your father served in Vietnam. If your Dad was captured, give a gander at his feelings about POWs in that war. If he wasn’t take just a peek at his deferment for heel spurs and juxtapose that with the insistence by his physician that he is the most physically fit President to ever have served in the office. He is either lying or he thinks you are an idiot. Either way, you voted for him because he wasn’t talking about you?

Trump and his ilk respect two things: money and power. A sufficient amount of either will get you their undying respect. Lack of either will get you their undying contempt.

It shouldn’t be a mystery as to why Trump worships at the altar of Putin. Vladimir Vladimirovich is the richest human being on the planet with a net worth that is, literally, incalculable. That bizarre curtsy-bow-bowel cramp-knee shake that Trump did before the Saudi King? Not faked. Another of the richest people ever. Trump was before his God and he acted just as Moses did.

He could not stand
He could not gaze at his deity’s visage
He collapsed
Trembling before God

This is the alt-Reich’s God Emperor? Of course, if you are too afraid to go shopping for frozen pizza rolls at WalMart without carrying an AK-47, this would be your idea of the ideal man.

A doughy, morbidly obese, septuagenarian bully with the intellectual heft of an algae bloom. It’s the sycophants and not the tin god we need to stop.


– Eliot


Reps. Katko and Delaney File Legislation to Help Americans Struggling with Student Loan Debt 

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK  – U.S. Reps. John Katko (NY-24) and John Delaney (MD-6) filed bipartisan legislation to help Americans struggling with excessive student loan debt. The Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy Act (H.R. 2366) reforms federal bankruptcy rules to establish parity between student loan debt and other forms of debt. Under current law, student loan debt cannot be discharged.

Source: Reps. Katko and Delaney File Legislation to Help Americans Struggling with Student Loan Debt | Congressman John Katko

Students boo Trump’s education secretary Betsy DeVos – BBC News


US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos faces thunderous boos from students as she gives the graduation address at historically black Bethune-Cookman University in Florida.

Source: Students boo Trump’s education secretary Betsy DeVos – BBC News

I don’t have a problem with Betsy DeVos in this. She was asked to speak. So she spoke. However, I do have a HUGE problem with the Chancellor standing next to her in the Dumbledore costume.
How dare he stand in front of people that have just spent over $100,000 buying his product and speak to them like they are toddlers? You are going to mail them their degrees if they don’t stop acting like adults?!? If they don’t sit down and shut up? Seriously?
This is an ongoing issue. We older Black folks need to stop feeling that we can speak to younger Black ADULTS as if they are children. It perpetuates the historical American view of Blacks as not people but just overgrown “children”. It perpetuates that view because it is a direct product of that view. Too many older Black folks do believe that Blacks are just overgrown children that need to be handled as such. Told what to do. Threatened. Yelled at. Never treated as the fully equal adults that they are. Not ever.
Stop it.
Bethune-Cookman should issue an apology to their students. And the Chancellor should resign.
It isn’t the kids that need to grow up. It’s us.

Petition · Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families ·

 Petition · Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families ·

Please go and sign the petition. It may help us avoid future issues where our ruling class exempts itself from the impact of its rules by setting the precedent that they are subject to every rule, law, and regulation that the very least of us are. They claim to be Christians, let’s help them model Christ rather than Franklin Graham or Pat Robertson or Creflo Dollar.

Really Making America Great Again one step at a time.