Dear Democrats


Dear Democrats –

You should put forward a plan to improve the ACA right now. It is the #1 issue on Americans’ minds and the Democrats are ceding it entirely to the Republicans.You can see that people liked your first try (the ACA).

Now that the people know that, why not say here’s how we think the ACA needs to be improved (medical device tax, cross state line competition (but with recipient’s home state regulatory jurisdiction), HSAs to cover deductibles). Dare Trump to come up with something better. Force him to admit that single payer is the only viable solution.

You get improved health insurance no matter what AND you might be able to snatch an issue completely away from the Republicans.

Don’t just sit there doing nothing. Like the Republicans during Obama. Just saying “no” to everything without providing an alternative or a voice or anything.

Not a dime’s worth of difference.




“Everything was going well until…

“Everything was going well until—plot twist—a mad man using “primitive methods” and guided by no more than the “emotions of crowds” defeated the Digital zombie. Just lopped its head off.”

The best description of the 2016 Presidential Election I’ve read. Sheer perfection.

Where Are The Democrats?

More and more people are demanding that some, or all, of Obamacare be saved. Many of those people voted for Donald Trump. Could this be the result of the efforts by Democrats to educate the public on the fact that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Obamacare are one and the same? Liberals routinely use this fact to show how ignorant the Trump voters were. Could they be inadvertently educating those ignorant Trump voters through this ridicule?
If so, then the racism of the Trump supporters is even further on display. Their sudden fondness for the ACA or its constituent parts once the “Obama” part is removed shows that it was only about the fact that there was an HNIC.
Democrats need to create and promote their own Health Insurance plan. Right Now! Make the improvements that Obamacare needs. Get that into the court of public opinion. Fight it out. Try to find some bipartisan support. Take the Health Insurance issue away from the Republicans.
Stop quitting before the game even starts
Somebody needs to be looking out for the American people. Even those that aren’t looking out for themselves. The Democratic Party needs to fill that void.
Or move aside.
– Eliot

Conspiracy Theory II

I watched the Trump press conference yesterday. Every second. Like everyone else, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t figure out what made him do that. Today, I’m watching the media focus on the Mad King Donald act from the press conference today. Jabbering on and on and on about something that is so obvious that there really is no need for the media to report on it. It doesn’t require deeper analysis. It is right there. But they are flogging that dead horse nonetheless.
Then it hit me when someone said that he did this against the advice of everyone. Why would he do that?
A picture of the Viktor Leonov flashed across my screen. I commented on it. And, it hit me. What is the most important thing going on in the world today?
The Russians have just violated a nuclear weapons treaty.
The Russians are deploying new nuclear weapons that threaten NATO nations.
Why does Russia think they can blatantly violate a treaty with the US and deploy new nuclear weapons against NATO? Because we are talking about how crazy Trump is while ignoring the moves Russia is making against NATO. This benefits Russia and no one else. It is as if Putin directed Trump to create a diversion big enough to draw attention away from the fact that THE RUSSIANS ARE DEPLOYING ILLEGAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS AGAINST NATO.
Denying that Donald Trump may very well be actively working to the benefit of Russia is no longer an option for patriotic Americans.
Where do you stand? With America or with Russia? There isn’t a third option.
– Eliot

Trump On Parade

The scariest thing President Trump said in his mad spewing yesterday was his off-handed musing about how popular it would be to blow up the Viktor Leonov.
Whether he thought that up himself OR whether one of the mentally challenged lunatics he surrounds himself with thought that up doesn’t really matter.
The President of the United States, a man obsessed with being popular, believes it would make him popular to start a war with Russia. Don’t get it twisted, while firing on the Viktor Leonov is an Act of War which could be finessed away, blowing it out of the water and killing all hands on board is an act that can’t be ignored AND that will lead to the death of millions.
If that doesn’t scare you, you either have no useful activity above your brain stem or…. nah, there is no second choice.
– Eliot

Conspiracy Theory I

I don’t think it was the Intelligence Community that leaked the information about the existence of Flynn’s phone call to the media. They are taking the blame because people believe they would have been the folks that performed the actual intercept on the call. That is true but the leap from there to blaming them for leaking the existence of the call is just too far.
The intercept of a call between a legitimate target and a US person would have raised all sorts of flags. The level and target of the intercept would not have allowed the operator to simply identify a US person and dump the intercept as would be the case for normal incidental intercept. It would have had to have been reported up the chain.
Regardless of how you feel about the Logan Act, it is law and this was clearly a violation of the Logan Act. The intercepting agency would realize that there was a possible violation of law but the final decision would have been a determination that only the Justice Department could make. So, the intercept would have been turned over to Justice and the Intelligence Community would be out of it.
Unfortunately for Trump, Justice was being run by a woman that had very specifically stated that if asked to do something illegal, unconstitutional or unethical by the President of the United States she would refuse. She was pressed on this by the snide little racist weasel that now occupies the position of Attorney General of the United States but who was then the racist Senator from the Great State of Alabama.
She reported the problem and went on about her business having done her duty. Laterm when she was fired for refusing to support an unconstitutional order by the President, I believe she knew then that Flynn’s Russian problem was never going to be addressed. She knew that these people were not to be trusted. So, either she or a designate passed the information on to the press.
Thus endeth the Conspiracy Theory For The Day
– Eliot

Voting Against DeVos Would Be The Best Thing FOR Republicans


You NEVER waste political capital by going to the mattresses for a Secretary of Education nominee. It’s a throwaway position that you use to mollify minorities or women. Like HUD or Transportation.

I don’t care how much money she gave you for the position. Forcing your members to vote against the wishes of the American people over something that isn’t part of your core party beliefs is insane. And counterproductive.

I’m suggesting a different tact. Not only give the Democrats DeVos but join them in voting against her. Republicans know that she has no business anywhere near a cabinet position and that putting her in charge of Education is like making Cruella DeVille President of the Humane Society. Admit it. Tell President Trump you’re voting against her. Give him an opportunity to get on board. If he chooses not to then explain to the American people that you are willing to go against the President when it comes to following their wishes and protecting their children. Because you love America just…that…much.

Cue sappy music and video of waving grains

Now that you have gained capital (instead of spending it) look to the bigger fight. The DeVos forfeiture sets you up to win the big game: SCOTUS.

Giving the Democrats DeVos gives the Republicans a better chance of Gorsuch without having to go nuclear. Without DeVos’ scalp, Democrats are going to feel like they need to prove they aren’t the pushovers they obviously are. They will go to the wall to stop Gorsuch because they must. They have to do everything they can to cover their impotence with Garland.

McConnell can read the future. There will be a Democrat in the White House in 2020. There will almost definitely be a Democratic Senate in 2020. There is even a not insignificant chance of a Democratic House in 2020. The chances that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will voluntarily leave her seat before then? Zero. The President in 2020 will most likely have 2 SCOTUS seats to fill. If McConnell goes nuclear now, he will have no leverage when it comes time to fill those seats. The Democrats will waltz them through with a plain majority. If McConnell doesn’t go nuclear, the Republicans will have the filibuster to use as a tool to influence SCOTUS.

Nobody wants the nuclear option. This is definitely worth one rich old lady’s scalp.


– Eliot

True Colors

There is one thing for which I am very thankful to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election.


My opposition to Clinton, my opposition to Trump, and the results of the 2016 election all really brought into stark clarity the true character of virtually everyone I know. The number of people that claimed to be friends but turned out to be horrible people is depressing. I realized that quite a few just wanted to add me to their collection of “African-Americans” to help complete the “Some of my friends are…” argument they use when their bigotry becomes so evident that people can’t ignore it.
At least, now I know for sure who they are
Just as importantly, the number that proved the words of friendship, love, and support that came out of their mouths for years were true were much fewer but heartening.
I cherish them
There are no more questions about who I can trust and who I should never show my back to. The enemy has revealed themselves. They stand up proudly now and declare their prejudice and bigotry. Religion? Race? Sexual Orientation? Sex? They insist that we allow them to discriminate against people on these bases WHILE pretending that they aren’t.
We are going through one of the worst storms of my lifetime. True colors are abundant. Unfortunately, for many that I thought were friends, those colors are the White, Black and Red of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party or Breitbart or Stormfront.
Different names.
Same colors.
Same hate.
Same evil.
– Eliot

Shove Or Be Shoved

Not feeling this weird new trend of folks demanding that celebrities, athletes, friends stop discussing politics around their sensitive little ears. That whatever thoughts or comments or feelings people might have about what is going on around them MUST be kept quiet.
I say “the more, the better”. If you don’t see what is happening now as a time to get at least involved enough in your politics to want to know what people are thinking, you just aren’t watching. The politics of now are the most influential thing in your life. That’s the way the world works whether you want to admit it or not.
You can shove or be shoved but you will be moving.
I’ve come to realize that there is a very real reason for this trend. I think the new political unrest as brought to the forefront the stark difference between the thoughts of the True Silent Majority and those that have claimed the mantle of the “Silent Majority” for all of these years. The boisterous protests and very public distaste for President Trump and his supporters has shown that those who claimed to be the “Silent Majority” were exactly what we knew they were: a Hateful Minority. And much like the racists who hate to be called racists but not enough to stop being racists, the Hateful Minority hate to be called Hateful but not enough to stop being Hateful. Just enough to hang tight to the false idea that their ideas are part of the Majority but they are the only ones brave enough to say that in the light.
Then the Silent Majority spoke.
The Hateful Minority could only maintain its fiction if the Silent Majority remained silent. It didn’t. It is standing on its feet and roaring. It is letting the world know that all of the things they have believed about America for years, is true. About America. The America which consists of the American people. It is not true about America’s government. A government which was designed by the landed gentry to be controlled by the landed gentry through elections designed to favor the landed gentry.
And now comes President Trump
The very definition of landed gentry. Rich. Spoiled. Arrogant. Narcissistic. Brick Stupid. The system made him President as it is designed to do in the absence of an overwhelming public desire to do otherwise. Landed gentry is the default. Landed gentry is the house bet. You can win against the house but not if you rely on luck. Or tradition. Clinton was the traditional bet and the house landed on her like a ton of bricks.
And so we have the Landed Gentry as POTUS. He rules as one would expect and that has caused the Silent Majority to drop the “Silent” and simply be the Majority. And speak up and out and sideways about the madness that is occurring. To not let our country go silently. To not let those that voted for the Landed Gentry OR that did not vote against the Landed Gentry forget that they are responsible for this vileness. They did this.
We will try to stop it but they did this. Don’t ever let them forget it.
– Eliot