Petition · Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families ·

 Petition · Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families ·

Please go and sign the petition. It may help us avoid future issues where our ruling class exempts itself from the impact of its rules by setting the precedent that they are subject to every rule, law, and regulation that the very least of us are. They claim to be Christians, let’s help them model Christ rather than Franklin Graham or Pat Robertson or Creflo Dollar.

Really Making America Great Again one step at a time.



Canadians with cystic fibrosis outlive Americans by a decade

The median age of survival for Canadians with cystic fibrosis was 50, and only 40 for Americans, researchers found after six years of analysis.

I’m, literally, sitting here weeping with joy at the news that there are parents out there with kids with Cystic Fibrosis who are living to 50 years old. And beyond. 50 years of being able to hold your child. 50 years of being able to tell them RIGHT TO THEIR FACE how much you love them. 50 years of hearing their voice and gazing at their beautiful face. 50 years before you have to watch the light go out of their eyes and feel what can’t be described.

50 years.

Of course, that is in Canada. In the US, we take 10 of those years away. We let our children with Cystic Fibrosis die 10 years earlier. We sacrifice 10 years of their lives. 10 more years of waking up each day trying to understand why. 10 more years of suddenly bursting into tears just out of nowhere. 10 more years of a pain in your chest that is so intense you feel like you’re dying…and you don’t care. 10 more years of your wife saying “I don’t think you should watch that” whenever a movie or TV show has a scene where a child dies. 10 more years of disbelief and still trying to make a deal with God to take you but just let him come back.

Please God. Just for one minute.

All of this to maintain the most unethical, inefficient, cruel, evil health care system in the developed world. Because it makes a fortune for the privileged few.

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Brandon Geoffrey Ware would have been 35 this year. But he’s not.

It’s not joy any longer. Damn each and every person that supports this madness.

Source: Canadians with cystic fibrosis outlive Americans by a decade

Zika Funding By Niggerial Fiat

The President acted to move money around so that there was some funding (not enough) for Zika vaccine development. He did this because Congress went on vacation just as it became apparent Zika had reached our shores. And they punted on funding.

So again the President must use his power as the Chief Executive Officer to fill the hole created by Democratic and Republican insistence on doing nothing but feathering their own nests. We have employees that spend all of their time making sure they keep their job without actually doing their job.

And now we listen to the wails of “Executive Overreach” and “Dictator” and “Socialist” (they don’t know why they said it either). Every name they can think of when all of the while, in the back of their skull, wrapped around the base of their spine, is an evil, malignancy that they just can’t shake.

Say it

It begs them to say the word. That word they long to say. That word that has the power to remind everyone that no matter how low they may be on the totem pole, there was always someone lower in the Land of the Free.

Say it

Scream it out. Don’t just say it. That would be losing. It would be showing they can limit how you can use the rhetorical cutlass that it is. It’s a word made to be used. To beat and bash and bludgeon. To pummel and pound. To destroy.


It’s just a word. They use it all of the time. Why can’t we? What about our rights? Go ahead.



We’re waiting.

Commentary on the Mad Hatter’s Latest Tea Party

I’ve been following a fairly unbelievable conversation on Facebook complaining that the volunteers fighting Ebola need to shut up and be grateful that we gave them the chance to fight Ebola? (Honestly, I had a real hard time figuring out what the basis was for this conversation). They were compared to the 101st Airborne and their oath of duty and…I don’t know. Let me say a few more things than you really want to hear about all of that.

There is a major difference between the military and volunteers. Volunteers aren’t “idiots“. They decided to risk there lives for little or no compensation to help others during a health crisis. Disdain and demand for ill treatment of those that are trying to save lives fits well with the current “me first” culture but it is still wrong.

Cowardice and illogical fear of this disease should not replace common courtesy nor the requirement to be grateful (or, at a minimum, humane) to those that are helping people while we bravely sit at our keyboards and opine about how the people that actually are helping should feel or be treated. We imagine farfetched scenarios under which Ebola could affect us and find friends to whine with about how brave we are while we cower on the Barcalounger with a Coors Light firmly in hand, stuffing chicken wings into our maw and explain what the young men on the television are doing wrong. We discuss how much danger we are in while watching the NFL on CBS and in between howling at the TV about the latest injustice the referees are perpetrating on “your” team and making plans to watch Lucy Liu in “Elementary”.

We are strong believers in our expertise in things we have no expertise in. And disbelievers in experts who differ with our opinion only because they know what they are talking about. Welcome to the Tea Party’s America.

Meanwhile, this nurse who they insist should “just shut up” and stop being an “idiot” and a “crybaby” has been wiping up the blood and snot and piss and shit of dying people. Dying.

She has watched children die while we curse the Gods because 0.00000126984% of Americans have been infected with the Ebola virus which must mean that it is coming for us next. Lurking around the corner like some slavering beast refusing to recognize our exceptionalism no matter how many times we point it out.

This is narcissism on an epic scale and embarrassment at this is what causes us to pretend we are in some sort of danger when we know that we aren’t. How do I know we know we aren’t? Because no one is that stupid. Absolutely no one.

A woman (with no symptoms which means she’s not contagious even if she was infected no matter what Drudge, WorldNetDaily, Fox, Breitbart and the Daily Caller are telling you in between their adverts for Topless Machine Gun Thursdays at the local gun range) who treated Ebola victims travels to the state you live in. What does that mean for you? Absolutely nothing. How about if you are introduced to her and shake her hand. What then? Still nothing. What if you berate her soundly and then collect her tears to make ironic salty caramel treats which you later binge eat? Nope. Nada.  You know it, I know it, everyone with a functioning brainstem knows it. No pity points for you. No moral high ground that lets you judge these good samaritans. Nothing.

As with so many hypocritical and horrible acts, many of the perpetrators claim Christianity as their faith. Well, I don’t recall the part about scorning the Good Samaritan for breaking the rules of the day to assist the man by the side of the road. Maybe the Lord just forgot that part of the parable. Maybe we are supposed to heap scorn and disdain on folks that help others. Maybe they are “idiots” and “crybabies“. Maybe they should “just shut up“. Maybe He wanted us to figure that out ourselves.

There is one thing you are right about. Someone in this needs to shut up. And it’s not the nurse.

Familiarity breeds acceptance?

Unless there is a major stumble, the Republicans have lost their major talking point for the mid-term elections and, more importantly, for the 2016 Presidential contest. Obamacare will continue to grow in popularity as more Americans experience it and realize that little of what the Radical Right is saying is true.Obamacare is Working

Does it have problems? Of course. It was created by humans, after all. Do those problems justify returning to what we had? Nope.

– Eliot