Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?
Shots by Ness
© RiverHouse Group of Caughdenoy, new YorK, LLC

I Feel like a prison holding myself, bounded by the judgements of people I care and chained by the rules of the society I live in. If I would let the person who speaks inside me out, he would tell you a different story than what you have seen all these years. Sometimes I see myself crying, screaming and trying to tear myself into pieces when I stand in front of the mirror so that I could finally be free from myself. But the demons I have created inside me to guard beats me down and laughs at me, watching me bleed.

– Akshay Vasu


Snappy Grillers

Shot By Ness.

SnappyGrillers-06019 Snappy Grillers
Shots by Ness
© RiverHouse Group of Caughdenoy, new YorK, LLC

Hot dogs are like strippers, really. Nobody wants to know the backstory. We don’t want to think about how they came to be in their present form of employment. “Well, when I was twelve, my stepfather..” “Not interested! Put some mustard on that.

– Jim Gaffigan, Food: A Love Story

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Change In Mission

For the few that follow this blog. I’m going to be integrating my art (photography) with my activism. That means that this blog will be primarily my images with some text relevant to the image and the issue I’m trying to address.

Some images will be food with recipes. But all will be from the RiverHouse. Right here in Oswego County, NY.

Not quite as satisfying as a straight on rant but much more truthful. I hope you stay with me for this ride. I think you’ll enjoy it.

I know I will.



Rikers guard admits to raping female inmate, avoids jail time – NY Daily News

Jose Cosme ambushed Jacqueline Healy and raped her inside of a closet. As a result, Cosme will be placed on probation for 10 years and have to register as a sex offender. That’s it. The entire sentence.

A 49 year old woman was raped and the man that did it will not serve a single day in jail. Why?

Jacqueline Healy is an inmate.  Cosme was a corrections officer. It seems that America continues its tradition of ignoring the dehumanization of slaves whether that condition is by judicial classification or birth.

If you didn’t understand the entire 13th Amendment movement, this should clear it up.

  • Eliot


A former city correction officer admitted to sexually assaulting an inmate in a storage closet on Rikers Island but will face no jail time.

Source: Rikers guard admits to raping female inmate, avoids jail time – NY Daily News

Small Talk

I avoid small talk.
That is the result of two traits I have. One, I am shy. Painfully. I usually can overcome it in short bursts but I can’t keep that up for very long without having an anxiety attack. Lisa is good at recognizing that and usually appears at my side to ask if I’m ready to go home right at that moment. Just another of her many superpowers.
Two, I am arrogant.
Or so I’ve been told. Repeatedly. I find that small talk often requires you to pretend you don’t know something that you do know. I just can’t do that. I know what I know. So, I don’t ask questions about things I don’t have questions about. People see that as disinterest in them personally. Though it isn’t. It is the exact opposite. It’s intense interest in them personally. An interest that doesn’t have time for pretense. An interest in what is new and now in their life. Not rehashing old news. Again.
They don’t see it that way. The disinterest that isn’t there but they see offends them. That sense of offense then leads them to believe that whatever is going on is my fault. And, since I don’t seem to care, I must be arrogant.
So I avoid small talk.
Just so you know,