Donald Trump as Republican Rohrschach Test?

Trump attacks McCain: ‘I like people who weren’t captured’ – Ben Schreckinger – POLITICO.

I’m no fan of Sen. McCain and am a huge opponent of “heroism creep”. Having said that, Mr. Trump went entirely too far. I have to agree with Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and others that say this disqualifies Mr. Trump for Commander-in-Chief.

More importantly, I think itĀ  puts a question to the Republican rank-and-file that will be answered by their reaction to Mr. Trump’s latest.

Is it acceptable to belittle the service of wounded veterans as long as you are blowing the racist/xenophobic/homophobic/sexist dog whistle OR will the members of the Republican Party finally rediscover some part of the humanity they have lost over the last 6.5 years?

We shall see.