“Everything was going well until…

“Everything was going well until—plot twist—a mad man using “primitive methods” and guided by no more than the “emotions of crowds” defeated the Digital zombie. Just lopped its head off.”

The best description of the 2016 Presidential Election I’ve read. Sheer perfection.


Should President Obama Pardon Hillary Clinton? – Room for Debate –

Should President Obama Pardon Hillary Clinton? – Room for Debate –

My knee jerked to “Yes” in order to avoid the time and expense of watching the Republicans gnaw on Clinton’s bones while claiming that was the progress Americans voted for. All while the country continues to grind itself to the nubbin supporting the haves while the have-nots have less and less and less.

But then I remembered that President Bush (GW) DID NOT pardon Cheney. Or Rumsfeld. And there have never been two guiltier draft dodging bastards than those two. Bush gambled that Obama’s basic decency (and the Democrats invertebrateness) would keep them from chasing after those war criminals. That, coupled with good old fashioned American nationalism, would keep them safe.

And, so I say “No”. Not because I believe Trump will follow Obama’s lead in not pursuing folks walking out the door but because it’s right. Which is always the best reason. It’s the only thing to do. And it’s time that we started doing the RIGHT thing in America rather than the politically right thing.

If she’s done something, she should be tried for it. If not, then not. And if our new overlords decide the only way to determine that is to spend even more money digging throw the skidmarked drawers of Hillary Clinton’s history, so be it.

Dig away.

  • Eliot

Which is always the best reason.